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Letter from the Developers

Burnout Paradise™ Remastered

Hello Burnout fans!

We’ve got something special for you all. Here at Criterion, Burnout Paradise™ represented a massive change in the way Burnout was played and how it was made. It was a leap into the unknown – the first Burnout to feature a truly open world and integrate it with still-groundbreaking seamless online play. Combine that with the wildly experimental Year of Paradise that allowed us to add, experiment, and react to player feedback in a way that no game up to that point had even attempted.

The result of all this titanic effort is a game that we are eternally proud of, and one that still has something to bring to gamers 10 years on from its release. Over the last decade we have heard you asking when we're going to revisit this title, and the 10-year anniversary seemed like the right time to create something truly special for our passionate community.

The current generation of consoles along with the incredible increase in online social play over the last few years presented a huge opportunity to allow the game to shine in a remaster. It has also allowed us to gather content that was created for the base game over the Year of Paradise into a single epic package for everybody to enjoy.

To help us bring this remaster to life, there are only two people we felt we could trust to deliver what we knew the community deserved. Chris Roberts and Paul Ross and their new studio, Stellar Entertainment. Chris was the original Burnout designer and Paul was a lead engineer on the original games.

At Stellar Entertainment, the love for Burnout Paradise is strong. Between Chris Roberts (Creative Director) and Paul Ross (Technical Director), they had worked on all the mainline Burnout games and now found the unusual position of working on a Burnout game while no longer at Criterion, having struck out to build their own studio. When the opportunity arose to remaster Paradise, it was a chance to revisit a much-cherished project. Both Chris and Paul have a lot of love and fond memories of their time at Criterion and this has been a great opportunity to work with them once again.

We hope everyone that plays Burnout Paradise Remastered has even more fun than when they played it the first time. We have gone to great lengths to preserve the essence of Burnout and let you play it just how you remembered, now presented in much higher resolution and fidelity. Paradise always felt ahead of its time to us, and it feels like the way players experience games has finally caught up. We have great teams at Criterion and Stellar Entertainment, and everybody is a massive fan of Paradise. So it has been a genuine thrill for us all to bring this classic back and make it shine all over again. Paradise is a massive game and it comes alive when you play it with friends, so we look forward to maybe taking some of you down on the streets of Paradise City soon.

Thank you for playing and see you online.


Matt Webster (Criterion General Manager), Chris Roberts (Stellar Entertainment Creative Director), Paul Ross (Stellar Entertainment Technical Director)

Criterion & Stellar Entertainment

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