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Hometown: Ballard, West Virgina

Taylor Robertson


Champion of the Madden 17 Classic, SpotMePlzzz was one of few Madden competitors who achieved the highest honor in the MCS — an opportunity to hoist a coveted championship belt. He earned himself $70,000 in Madden 17 competitions and possessed the skill to completely take over any tournament. It had been a while since he won an EA Major, but his potent offensive talent paired with his chops on defense turn made him one of the toughest opponents in competitive Madden, proven by the fact that he stood as the seventh-highest money earner in MCS play over the last two seasons. As the Tennessee Titans Club Champion last season, Spotmeplzzz advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament before being defeated. He struggled in the 2018 Ultimate League but never stopped smiling, even when he lost. SpotMePlzzz was gearing up for yet another championship run in the Madden 19 MCS season.

“It's certainly possibly for any player to get to this level. You just have to put in the time, you have to grind, you have to play a lot of games, and just work on getting better. So anybody out there who's looking to get into it, just start practicing.”

Quotes from the community

When I called SpotMe to invite him to the Muthead League last year, he said he would drive to/from his grandparents for reliable internet, so he could stream EVERY game. One of the most polite, gracious, and professional guys I have come across in my life. Not just Madden. I Played spot Sunday first round of single elims. He noticed my adjustments on defense so fast in who I was cross-manning and started adjusting their routes or flipping the play. His in-game IQ was amazing.” SpotMe was one of those guys where you knew what they were running and you still couldn’t stop it. He made great reads and always sent pressure on defense to make you uncomfortable. Really, really smart player. SpotMe was the best pure passer I've ever played in Madden. Just simply made the best reads and always had route concepts people looked forward to copying. Defensively, he was super blitz-heavy and waited for you to make a bad read for him to capitalize on. SpotMe always played a clean offensive game with amazing reads and mixed up his play-calling well. He didn't make mistakes, so you really had to get creative to hope for a stop. Only way to beat him was keeping the game close and making sure you had final possession. Amazing player! SpotMe was a Madden offensive genius. When most people were blocking seven versus me last year and my crossfire, SpotMe was so good, he would send out five WRs and simply make the correct read almost EVERY single time. He also always kept a level head throughout the game no matter what. SpotMePlzzz was really good at making you run a scheme you weren’t comfortable with cause he’s seen a lot of offenses and forced you to switch out of it. I knew what SpotMe was gonna run and I couldn’t stop it. SpotMe is easily one of the best passers of all time.

Spotmeplzzz's Playstyle

SpotMePlzzz ran an unconventional offense as he would use his strong passing game to set up his run. Keeping his opponents on his toes this way, SpotMePlzzz was able to climb the competitive Madden ranks all the way to the Madden 17 Classic championship title.





Madden 17 Classic Champion






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