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Madden 99 Club: Aaron Rodgers

Here’s a hot take to kick off the Madden NFL 19 season – Aaron Rodgers is skilled at this quarterbacking thing. That’s all the analysis you get. Move along.

In all seriousness, this will anger fans around a certain Massachusetts area, but Rodgers is the best signal caller in the NFL. There isn’t a single throw that’s impossible with Rodgers under center.

That ability is mirrored in Madden, making Rodgers one of only two QBs starting the year at 99 OVR (the other being this Brady guy you might’ve heard of before). Rodgers isn’t fast by Madden QB standards, but he’s mobile enough to extend plays with his dangerous arm. He boasts one of Madden 19’s better Throw Power ratings at a 97.

Rodgers’ ability to make any throw makes him a dangerous offensive giant in the NFL. That translates to a combination of gaudy scores in the ratings column. This includes the combination of 97 Throw on the Run (best in game), 88 Deep Throw Accuracy (best in game), and 96 Throw Under Pressure (second only to Drew Brees).

Rodgers is rested coming off an injury-plagued season. He’s also coming into Madden 19 hot with a 99 OVR, and can cause some real damage in any H2H matchup. Best defense against Rodgers? Just play as the Green Bay Packers.

-Daniel Williams (Follow Dan on Twitter @thatDanW)

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