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Madden 99 Club: Von Miller

Denver Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller is a proven play maker, a Super Bowl Champion, a chicken farmer, and most importantly, one of three defensive players starting the season with a 99 OVR.

Miller’s intensity on the field is only matched by his cheat code level skill set. Outside of one season that was cut short by injury, Miller has recorded at least 10 sacks every year. That’s including last season, which was overall a down year for the Broncos. His consistent pressure up front is the stuff of nightmares for an O-line, as he’s able to singlehandedly disrupt an offensive game plan.

The Broncos’ defensive leader, Miller is a former Super Bowl 50 MVP, where he recorded 2.5 sacks, six tackles, and one pass defensed. He’s the only non-QB named Super Bowl MVP in the last four years.

Above all else though, he’s a beast in Madden. Miller started last season in the 99 Club. He returns with renewed membership in Madden NFL 19. Heading into the new season, Miller carries base ratings that make him one of the most effective run stoppers in the game. His Strength, Speed, Agility, and Hit Power allow users to cover tons of ground to stop the run cold. Miller is also an amazing pass rusher. His Power Move, Finesse Move, and Block Shedding let him easily toss aside blockers, especially when he draws a blocking mismatch. Most tight ends and running back blocking assignments don’t stand a chance.

Welcome back to the club Mr. Miller.

-Daniel Williams (Follow Dan on Twitter @thatDanW)

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