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Meet All 32 Madden 19 Club Championship Finalists

These 32 finalists will play for a share of the biggest prize pool in Madden history.

Madden 19 Championship Series

The Madden 19 Club Championship live finals will take place January 30 — February 2 at EA's headquarters outside of San Francisco, California.

Here's the TL;DR: The tournament actually began months ago with online qualifiers, an online elimination round, and eventually the competitors played in a local club final to earn their seat in the final 32. Each competitor represents one of the 32 NFL teams, that makes sense, right? Now, with the biggest competitive Madden prize pool in history on the line, $700,000, these final 32 will play for the Grand Prize of $100,000, a coveted Madden Championship Series belt, and the top four finishers also earn a seat at this season's upcoming Madden Bowl

Oh, and if you're wondering how you can watch all four days of the live finals, we have that covered here.

Without further ado, it's time to meet all 32 Madden 19 Club Championship finalists. 

Top 5 Returning Competitors

Veterans of the competitive Madden scene, this list is made up of household names who have advanced to the Club Championship live finals before. Experience is key in Madden, so it's worth your time to get to know this group. You're going to see them again.


Drini “Drini” Gjoka — Dallas Cowboys 

As a rookie in the Madden Championship Series last season, Drini cemented his status as a true force to be reckoned with in live tournaments. He won the Madden 18 Challenge and was the runner-up to Young Kiv at the Madden Bowl. As the defending Denver Broncos Club Champion, Drini pivoted to represent the Dallas Cowboys in this season's tournament since he signed with Complexity Gaming in the offseason. The 19-year-old is coming off of a fifth-place finish at the Madden 19 Classic and will look to add to his winnings among the field of 32 finalists in this year's Club Championship. 


Raidel “Echo Fox Joke” Brito — Cleveland Browns

Signed to Echo Fox esports organization, Joke is a competitive Madden veteran who is representing the Browns in the Club Championship finals for the second consecutive year. The 25-year-old was the runner-up in the Madden 18 Classic, placed 17th at last year's Club Championship, and took home $17,500 for a ninth-place finish in last season's Madden Ultimate League. He's a Madden competitor that most folks in the scene do not want to run into. 


Abbott “Blocky” Lopez — Miami Dolphins

Don't let his soft-spoken demeanor fool you. Blocky is a serious Madden competitor as evidenced by consecutive Semifinal berths in EA Majors over the last two seasons. He appeared at the final four during the Madden 18 Bowl, and advanced to the final four at the Madden 19 Classic just a few months ago. The back-to-back Miami Dolphins Club champion, Blocky is a dangerous opponent, though if you ask him, he's simply playing his favorite game (which he happens to be really, really good at). 


Jordan “Canes” Powell — Chicago Bears

The defending Bears Club Champion is back to represent the Monsters of the Midway for the second-straight year. He's had a strong start to the season, with a fifth-place finish in the Madden 19 Classic, pocketing $5,000 for his performance. Canes is an MCS veteran with two top-10 finishes in EA Majors dating back to the MCS17 campaign. Plus, his older brother, Thomas “Suspect” Powell, is the 49ers Club Champion. The Powell brothers will begin the tournament in the same bracket, so we could get a family feud, if we're lucky.


Michael “D3liveranc3” Pinter — Pittsburgh Steelers

Representing the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Madden 18 Club Championship, D3liveranc3 advanced all the way to the final four, but eventually ran into a serious “Problem” in the semis – see what I did there? The Naples, Florida native also cashed in with a fifth-place finish at the Gamesharkz Challenger Event last season. Now, he's sponsored by Lethal Gaming and will look for a big payday this weekend.

Top 5 New Faces

There's a solid chance you've never heard of any of these guys. Well, now's your chance to meet them. You know, before they become famous.


Jacob “Jwall” Wallack — New England Patriots

With an unprecedented upset over Madden 19 Classic winner Michael “Skimbo” Skimbo to win the Patriots Club Series, Jwall has the community talking. This is the 17-year-old's first ever EA Major appearance, and he'll look make his New England Patriots proud as the team prepares for their Super Bowl matchup.


Douglas “Crush” Thiel — Cincinnati Bengals

Crush was knocked out of the Chargers Club Series final last season by the one-and-only Eric “Problem” Wright. His pivot to the Bengals has clearly paid off, as he's advanced to the final 32 this season. The 20-year-old cashed in at the Madden 19 Classic last December, and earned top-40 finishes in the Madden 18 Challenge and Classic. This could be the tournament in which he finally breaks out.


Nakell “someserious” Powell — Tennessee Titans

A virtual unknown in the Madden competitive scene, someserious hails from Memphis, TN. He'll represent his home state Titans as their Club Champion. Someserious told us that he's a diehard Titans fan and is ready to give it all he's got in the live finals. We'll see if he can upset his first tough opponent, Spoto, in the Round of 32.


Alan “Alan” Gibson — Los Angles Chargers

At 16-years-old, Alan is officially the youngest competitor in the final 32. The rookie made waves when he defeated Eric “Problem” Wright to dethrone the GOAT as the Chargers Club series champ. And this is his first event ever! The La Mesa, CA native will be a buzz-worthy competitor heading into the first day of gameplay, and we'll be watching to see if he can upset some other established Madden pros along the way. 


Elijah “NeeNee” Brown — Los Angeles Rams

NeeNee will attempt to do his hometown Los Angeles Rams proud in the Madden Club Championship as his team prepares for a Super Bowl matchup. The 29-year-old was last year's Rams Club series runner-up but managed to get over the hump this season with a berth in the final 32. It was a hard-earned seat as NeeNee beat out Madden 19 Classic runner-up Justin “LilMan” Barone to get here. 

Top 5 Sleepers

These competitors aren't necessarily new to the competitive Madden circuit, but have yet to truly break out at an EA Major. This season's Club Championship live finals might just be their big moment. 


Michael “Spoto” Spoto — Indianapolis Colts

One of the youngest players in the field of 32 for the Madden 19 Club Championship, Spoto's youth should not be confused with inexperience. He placed fifth at his first EA Major, the Madden 18 Classic, last season. The 17-year-old from Staten Island now heads to the West Coast to compete with the world's best and will have to take care of heavy-hitters like JoeRice and Blocky if he wants to advance to the latter stages of the tournament. 


Joseph “Manu” Montefusco — Carolina Panthers

Returning to the final 32 as back-to-back Panthers Club Champion, Manu finished 17th out of nearly 200 competitors in the Madden 19 Classic last December. One of his closest lab partners is Cowboys Club Champion Drini “Drini” Gjoka, so you know he's got a couple sneaky hot routes or at least a user lurk or two up his sleeve. 


Zackary “SeRiouSMoE1” Lane — New Orleans Saints

This 24-year-old from Ohio has a long list of accomplishments in competitive Madden. While he was absent from the latter stages of most of the EA Majors during the MCS 18 season, he remains one of the better-known competitors in the community. SeriousMoe won the first-ever Madden belt, raking in a $20,000 pay day at the Madden 16 Challenge. If you include Madden 16 events, he has logged five EA Major appearances and his career earnings are $60,500. He also cashed at the Madden 19 Classic a few months ago and is trending toward a high-tier finish in the Club Championship. 


Ryan “ibestrafing” Danczak — Minnesota Vikings

A Club Championship series veteran, ibestrafing won the Madden 17 Vikings Club series, but was eventually defeated in the live Semifinals. The following season, he was the Madden 18 Vikings Club Series runner-up, and that obviously was not good enough. So, he returned this year, won the Vikings Club Series for the second time in the last three seasons, and is fresh off an impressive ninth-place finish at the Madden 19 Classic. Watch out for ibestrafing when the live finals kick off on January 30.


George “Dntcareaboutice” Swartz — New York Jets

The back-to-back Jets Club Champion, Dntcareaboutice was knocked out by Michael “Skimbo” Skimbo in last season's Club Championship Round of 32. Well, Skimbo didn't qualify for the finals this year, and the 19-year-old Jets champ is back for a another go. Ironically, he'll start the finals against Jwall, the competitor who knocked Skimbo out of this year's tournament. 

The Rest of the Field

Look, we didn’t have enough top five categories for everyone. But it doesn’t mean any of these competitors have less of a chance to win than the others. It’s Madden 19, anything can happen. Carry on.


Tyler “TDavis” Davis — Arizona Cardinals

After losing to Michael “Skimbo” Skimbo in the Madden 18 Patriots Club Series final, TDavis fought his way back with a new franchise, the Cardinals. The 24-year-old from Massachusetts put up an impressive fight in the Arizona Club finals a few months ago but managed to win it all and had the honor of being the very first competitor locked-in to the final 32.


Kevin “DaUndaratedKing” Johnson — Atlanta Falcons

A newcomer to the MCS circuit, DaUndaratedKing first appeared at the Madden 19 Classic in December, as the tournament took place in his hometown of Las Vegas, NV. Well, he's back to represent the Falcons after upsetting last season's Falcons Club champion and Ultimate League competitor Jahmal “Musafa Jones” Daniels.


Horace “Il0veg0d” Carter — Baltimore Ravens

After cashing at the Madden 19 Classic a few months ago, Il0veg0d finds himself at another EA Major, this time to represent the Baltimore Ravens. Another newcomer to the MCS circuit from Las Vegas, he told us after his berth in the final 32, “I'm going to win it all.” We'll soon find out if the man is true to his word. 


Ian “Quany” Quenette — Buffalo Bills

A semifinalist in the Chargers Club series last season, Quany advanced to the Madden 19 Club Championship Live Finals to represent the Bills. The 19-year-old told us “I can't wait to play, it's going to be awesome.” He's got a tough road ahead with his first match coming against returning Dolphins Club Champion and Madden 19 Classic semi-finalist Abbott “Blocky” Lopez.


Jeffrey “Turbo Jeff” Taroon — Denver Broncos

Turbo Jeff has been around the competitive Madden circuit for a few years, with his best finish at an EA Major coming at the Madden 18 Classic where he placed 17th. He was with the New England Patriots last season in the Club series but saw a window of opportunity to join the Broncos with reigning Denver Club Champion Drini switching to the Cowboys. Now, Turbo Jeff will face newcomer Alan Gibson (Chargers) in the Round of 32.


Tantarious “MckinleyStatus” McKinley — Detroit Lions

MckinleyStatus was defeated in the Eagles Club series online playoffs last season, but he's back to represent the Detroit Lions in this year's live final. He appeared at the Madden 19 Classic and advanced to the cash rounds. The Texas native draws a tough hand, in the same bracket with big names like Young Kiv, Canes, and ibestrafing, so he will have to do his homework if he wants to advance to the latter stages of this tournament.


Kyle “Drag” Riederer — Green Bay Packers

The returning Packers Club Champion, Drag advanced all the way to the Semifinal round at last season's Club Championship live finals. He eventually lost out to Musafa Jones and placed fifth overall, so he's back for some unfinished business. Can he bring a championship back to the Titletown faithful?


Wesley “JoeRice” Gittens — Houston Texans

It was almost too easy for JoeRice during the Texans Club series finals a few months ago, as he steamrolled his opponents to earn a seat in this year's final 32. Since his fifth-place finish at the Madden 17 Challenge, JoeRice has been absent from the latter stages of EA Majors, until now. Based on his dominant performance at NRG Stadium to qualify for the Club Championship live finals, JoeRice is a competitor to keep a close eye on in the early going.


Nicholas “nickisbeast20” Hughes — Jacksonville Jaguars

A 25-year-old from South Carolina, nickisbeast20 advanced to the Panthers Club series online playoffs last season. He's officially cashed in his first MCS major and is back this year to represent the Jacksonville Jaguars in the final 32. He will look to make a name for himself in a bracket section loaded with tough competitors like Blocky, Joe Rice, and Spoto.


Daniel “WarDaddy” Delgado — Kansas City Chiefs

We don't know much about WarDaddy except for the fact that he's repping the Chiefs in the final 32. He's a 29-year-old competitor hailing from San Antonio, TX and has a couple of low finishes in MCS majors over the last two seasons. But this is what competitive Madden is all about. Could WarDaddy be the Cinderella story of the Madden 19 Club Championship? You'll have to watch to find out.


Gerard “Evil O” Schaefer — New York Giants

Evil O isn't new on the scene — he placed 13th in the Madden 17 Bowl a few years ago. But he wasn't around for any of last season's majors. Now he's back to represent the New York Giants after he played well at the Madden 19 Classic a few months back. The 32-year-old from New York will try to show some of the younger competitors how it's done.


Pavan “Pavan” Lakhat — Oakland Raiders

The defending Oakland Raiders Club Champion is back to stand for the silver and black for the second straight season. The 18-year-old was knocked out of the Round of 32 in last year's finals by Eric “Problem” Wright. He managed to finish in the money at the Madden 19 Classic, and is in an interesting bracket spot where he could make waves if everything goes right.


Angel “Figgy” Figueroa — Philadelphia Eagles

Figgy represented last year’s Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, in the Madden 18 Club Championship, and advanced to the second round. He then lost out to the tournament’s defending champion, Hassan “GOS” Spall, but the Lancaster, Pennsylvania native put up a fight, just like his Eagles, only without the win. Figgy ranked 29th in MCS17 earnings and ranked 26th in MCS18 earnings, so he’s consistently been a top-30 competitor and will look to build upon that success. 


Tony “Suspect” Powell — San Francisco 49ers

Brother alert! Suspect is the older sibling of Canes (Bears Club Champion) and is also part of the TopMadden squad. He cashed at the Madden 19 Classic a few months ago and could end up facing his brother in the Quarterfinals if both can advance that far. But first, he'll have to get through Young Kiv in the Round of 32. 


Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen — Seattle Seahawks

Young Kiv took home $100,000 as the champion of the MCS 2018 Madden Bowl. He had himself an incredible season, with a second-place finish in the Classic and, of course, the aforementioned title as well. Young Kiv scored more offensive touchdowns, 28, and more total touchdowns, 32, than any other competitor during the Ultimate League regular season. His plus-15 turnover differential ranked him third in the entire league, and he ranked first in total points scored, 263 (26.3 per game). This is his first time representing the Seahawks in the Club Championship as he had been defeated by KMike in both the Madden 17 and Madden 18 Club series'. He's looking for vengeance after being knocked out of the Madden 19 Classic earlier than many expected.


Dwyane “CleffTheGod” Wood II — Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A 22-year-old from Edgewood, FL, CleffTheGod qualified for his first EA Major, the Madden 19 Classic, just a few months ago, and finished in ninth place, earning $3,750. He draws a tough opponent, SeriousMoe, in the Round of 32 to start these live finals.


Hassan “GOS” Spall — Washington Redskins

The Madden 18 Club Champion, GOS took home his first MCS Major belt representing the Washington Redskins with an upset win over Eric “Problem” Wright, which cemented his spot in the Ultimate League. Well, the reigning champ is back to defend his Club Championship title after becoming the back-to-back Redskins Club Champion. Can he repeat with $100,000 on the line?


— Matt Franciscovich (Follow Matt on Twitter @MattFranchise)

For more information on the Madden Championship Series and how to compete in future events, visit the Madden NFL 19 compete homepage. Keep it locked on the @MaddenLeagueOps Twitter handle for news, tournament updates, recaps, and content during the Madden Classic.

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