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Madden NFL 19 Player Ratings: Top 5 Safeties

Safeties have the power to change the game in a single play. Some of the best players in NFL history — Ed Reed, Paul Krause, John Lynch, Ronnie Lott, Rodney Harrison, and Troy Polamalu to name a few — all played safety and could single-handedly dominate the opposition.  It’s no small accident that some of the players listed here are in the top five, too, as some of them will likely be named among the all-time greats when their careers are said and done.

With that said, let’s get into it. Here are the top five safeties in Madden NFL 19.

1. Harrison Smith, Minnesota Vikings
97 OVR

When you hear coaches talking about delivering the boom, it’s free safeties like Harrison Smith they’re referring to. Smith is a game-changing safety in zone coverage in the NFL, and in Madden. Smith leads this elite class with an 82 Catch, 81 Tackle, and a 92 Hit Power. He can cover routes with the best of them and make you pay the price for thinking it’s okay to carry the ball into the Minnesota secondary.

2. Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs
96 OVR

Eric Berry is back. The Chiefs started last season by smacking the defending champs in the jaw, and Berry shutting down Gronk wasn’t only critical to that upset, but it was one of the best defensive performances we’ll likely ever see. Unfortunately, it ended with a Berry injury that totaled his season. He looks ready to go this year, and a 90 Speed means he’s noticeably faster than Smith’s 87. Berry tops this list with a 93 Jump to go along with his 91 in Man and 95 in Zone Coverage. Berry can also do some damage after a turnover, with an 83 Spin and 87 Juke.

3. Earl Thomas III, Seattle Seahawks
95 OVR

As of this writing, Thomas is still on the Seattle roster, but is surrounded by trade rumors. Regardless of the team, Thomas is an extremely valuable asset in Madden. The Seahawks were a popular pick in last season’s Madden Classic, and Thomas was the reason. He pretty much matches Berry stat for stat. He takes a step back in Man Coverage, so watch your play calling. But his 94 in Zone Coverage and 93 Agility make him a prime candidate for User Lurks.

4. Malcolm Jenkins, Philadelphia Eagles
94 OVR

If you’ve been reading all these top five articles, well, thanks for sticking around. Hope you’ve had fun. Also, you know the Eagles are LOADED. He’s the slowest of this bunch, but an 85 Speed is still very serviceable. He’s a balanced defensive presence too, with a 90 in Man Coverage and 91 Zone Coverage. Jenkins’ 94 Play Recognition rating is also second only to Smith in this top five.

5. Tyrann Mathieu, Houston Texans
92 OVR

You want to run Zone or Man schemes? Honey Badger don’t care. He’s good with either and takes what he wants. Mathieu’s 69 Finesse Move is the best block-breaking move on this list. He also has a 91 Zone and 89 Man Coverage. Mathieu might not carry the same catching scores as the other freakshow athletes on this list, but he has a 93 Juke, the best ball carrier move in the top five by a wide margin.

-Daniel Williams (Follow Dan on Twitter @thatDanW)

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