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Baltimore Ravens

Overall Rating: 81

Team Strategy


With just three offensive players rated above 80 OVR, the Ravens seem to lack offensive firepower. But beyond what is visible on the surface, Baltimore offers a unique collection of great talent with a grinding defense to back it up.

Go-to Plays

I Form Close Flex – PA Cross F Wheel

The play action will make defenses respect the run, leaving the deep cross and post as good options for big plays downfield.

I Form Close Flex – Zone Weak

Work this run in combination with the PA Cross F Wheel.

Shotgun Bunch – Corner Strike

Look to the HB on the short flat as your first option. If he's covered, look to the deep corner on the sideline. Defenses can't typically cover both options.

Scouting Report

Offensive Scouting Report

WR is a bit of a pain point, as Michael Crabtree is the best option here. And, he's your only reliable option in traffic, so look to him in the red zone. Other than that, there's big play potential with John Brown, the Ravens' best speedy vertical threat with a great 93 Juke.

From an OVR perspective, QB is a tight race. In Madden, though, the game-changing choice is Lamar Jackson. At an insane 91 Speed, Jackson delivers a new dynamic to an offense lacking in playmakers, without sacrificing much in terms of accuracy compared to Joe Flacco. Jackson is the easy choice at QB.

Down the ratings board, the top three options at HB are fairly indistinguishable. Alex Collins is your top, balanced option for an all-around back, but you won't notice a terrible drop-off in ball carrier moves. While they can all catch, Javorius Allen is your best third down back.

Defensive Scouting Report

Jimmy Smith is a quiet commodity in Madden. More of a cover artist than an INT machine, Smith sports great numbers in Man and Zone Coverage. One pain point is that his 89 Speed can be beat by faster WRs, so keep an eye on matchups and switch to appropriate coverages.

Paired at linebacker are Terrell Suggs and C.J. Mosley. Suggs remains a powerful pass rusher, while Mosley’s versatility allows him to cover most of the field. Suggs carries defensive lineman power. But Mosley’s 94 Tackle and 89 Hit Power are both team bests.

FS Eric Weddle and SS Tony Jefferson are the strongholds in the secondary. There are few differences between the two ratings-wise. Weddle is stronger in Zone while Jefferson has more Hit Power. Neither has amazing Catch numbers, so not many INTs are in their future without well-timed lurks, but quality play calling with these two roaming is a stout defense to utilize.

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