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Los Angeles Rams

Overall Rating: 93

Team Strategy


The Rams are an elite defense in Madden 19. Loaded with Pro Bowl talent, even novice gamers should be dominating teams with this roster. Having an HB like Todd Gurley to carry an offense is an irreplaceable asset.

Go-to Plays

Shotgun Ace Offset – 01 Trap

As close to guaranteed yards as they come. This run will get you three yards a whack.

Shotgun Ace Offset – Dagger

Look to the TE vertical as a quick option in the seam. The TE drag is also a great option underneath if the seam streak is covered.

Shotgun Ace Offset – PA Read

Once you establish the run, look to the play action and target the short cross over the middle of the field. The deep post is your top option downfield for a big play.

Scouting Report

Offensive Scouting Report

Speed, power, elusiveness, reliable hands, Todd Gurley II has it all. He’s the best player on this offense by a wide margin. He’s skilled at all stick moves, so use them according to situation. He can even truck weaker defenders coming from the secondary.

Brandin Cooks brings a new dynamic to a Rams offense that lacked explosion from the WR position. Cooks is among the fastest WRs in the game, meaning he can blow up go and post routes against most defenders. A well-timed slant route can expose aggressive blitzes as his Speed is too much for even the best LBs assigned to zone coverage.

Jared Goff lands somewhere inbetween game manager and field general. His Accuracy dips sharply from short to deep routes. He can break the occasional sack, but isn’t the best under pressure. Look at coverage before every snap and send Cooks deep when you see something you like. Outside that, attack the short game with your other options and don’t hesitate to hit Gurley.

Defensive Scouting Report

Nothing forces more mistakes than a stacked D-line. The Rams happen to have one that includes Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, two of the strongest players in Madden 19. This is a line that even the best O-lines will have issues dealing with. Regardless of linebacker, send them after the QB behind these guys and watch the protection crumble.

This defense is backed up by a pair of devastating corners in Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. Both of them are more than capable of blanketing WRs and making them a non-factor.

Lamarcus Joyner and John Johnson III are the safeties roaming up top. Not as skilled at Catching as their CB teammates,  they’re the big hitters coming down for support. Hit Sticks from either should be enough to stop any players that have broken loose. Throw these guys in a variety of zone coverage for best results.

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