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Washington Redskins

Overall Rating: 83

Team Strategy


While this team heads into the NFL season with a few question marks, Washington is packed with talent in Madden at nearly every position. With some new faces on offense, an improved O-line, and solid defensive core, Washington packs quite a punch.

Go-to Plays

Shotgun Bunch Offset - HB Draw

By design the draw takes advantage of aggressive defenses. Once the defensive line pushes upfield look to find open running lanes between the line of scrimmage.

Shotgun Bunch Offset - PA Dig Fork

The deep corner on this play is extremely effective because of the play action fake. Look to the corner against man and the post against zone.

Shotgun Bunch Offset - Verts HB Under

Look to the HB running the short cross as your first option. If you get 1on1 coverage on the outside take a shot to the vertical.

Scouting Report

Offensive Scouting Report

Jordan Reed is the biggest playmaker on the roster. One of the best TEs in Madden 19, Reed excels in short and mid-range and should be your top target on most plays. With that said, Reed is also tremendous trade bait in Franchise. Vernon Davis doesn't run routes as well but is faster. Either way, great value. 

There’s decent depth at WR for Washington, and most of them specialize in shorter routes. That’s good news since their new QB is game-manager Alex Smith, who is exceptional with shorter routes. Your one deep threat is Paul Richardson Jr. Smith doesn’t have the Throw Power for big passes downfield, but watch Richardson’s assignment and hot route to zone gaps and see his Speed take over.

Chris Thompson is the obvious choice for passing downs. But in Madden, you can check out Derrius Guice’s ridiculously high ceiling. Though not the fastest HB on the roster, Guice is a rare rusher that has all the ball carrier moves in his arsenal. If you’re SIMing games in Franchise, Guice won’t do much for you. But if you’re decent at running the ball, there are few HBs more versatile than Guice.

Defensive Scouting Report

A pair of LBs make up the foundation of this stacked defense with Zach Brown and Ryan Kerrigan. Brown is better used covering the field to stop plays cold with his high Tackle and Hit Power. Kerrigan should be sent on the attack as often as you can spare the man power.

CB Josh Norman can be a real momentum changer. His Catch numbers make him a dangerous cover man in this defensive scheme. You might be more reliant on zone schemes with this secondary, but Norman is THE game changer on this defense.

If you have a tendency for Hit Sticks, then D.J. Swearinger is your player of choice. His team-best 92 Hit Power is enough to deliver the boom.

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