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Mobile Gridiron Notes: Season Score and Legacy Mode

Community questions answered about Season Score, Legacy Mode, and upcoming feature reveals for Madden NFL Mobile.

Madden NFL Mobile

What’s up Madden NFL Mobile fans?! This is the first edition of the Mobile Gridiron Notes where we will answer popular questions from the community around Madden NFL Mobile.

First up, read the deep dive article breaking down Season Score and the all-new Legacy Mode. There’s some valuable information in it on how to get a head start on next season!

If you missed the live broadcast, the stream archive and highlights are embedded throughout this post. This was the first of eight community developer streams and had some great information about what’s coming from Game Director Joe Alread and Producer Ryan Ferwerda. The new season of Madden NFL Mobile launches July 30! We’re going to hit some big Madden NFL Mobile questions first with answers from the stream, then go into community questions.

Is Madden NFL Mobile returning next season?

What is the new Legacy mode?

What are the rewards in Legacy mode?

Will Overdrive return as a mode next season?

How can I unlock the Auction House Tax Reducer next season?

Community Questions

1. Will Madden Cash still carry over?

Yes, Madden Cash will rollover exactly like in previous seasons.

2. What are Madden Gems?

Gems will be an accessible premium currency used to purchase select store packs and stamina. They will not be a replacement for Madden Cash or coins. Gems will be a currency that players will be able to acquire by playing and progressing in different areas of the game. This will allow players to purchase store packs and stamina refills that in previous seasons were only accessible through Madden Cash purchases.

3. Will stamina work like it did in previous seasons?

Yes, stamina will function very similar to previous seasons of Madden NFL Mobile. You will have a maximum amount that can be increased throughout the season. Stamina will refill at a specified rate. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to purchase stamina refills and earn stamina from other game modes.

4. Will the new season of Madden NFL Mobile use the brokered auction house?


5. Are schemes returning next season?

Yes, schemes are making a return next season. There will be some exciting changes that we will cover next week in our livestream on gameplay.

6. Will player training work like it did this season in Madden NFL Overdrive or like it did in the previous season of Madden NFL Mobile?

There are some big changes here. Stay tuned to the stream schedule as we will be discussing player training on July 3!

What’s Next?

Next Thursday (6/6) at 11 a.m. ET, we will be talking about new gameplay features coming to Madden NFL Mobile with another developer Twitch stream (https://www.twitch.tv/eamaddennfl).  

Don’t Miss EA Play

Set your calendar for EA Play, and more specifically Saturday, June 8. The event will feature a first look at Madden 20 gameplay along with a special guest to talk about the game. For players who live in the Los Angeles area interested in attending, you can register and get more info at the links below.

Madden NFL 20 is out worldwide on August 2 and Madden NFL Mobile launches on July 30. Pre-order the Superstar Edition and play 3 days early. Stay in the conversation by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and EA Forums. Sign up for the Newsletter today to receive updates on Madden, and other EA news, products, and events, all season long.

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