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Gridiron Notes: Top 100 Rated Players in Madden (Part 4)

Reviewing the top 100 players in Madden NFL 20 (25-1)

Madden NFL 20

Welcome to the Madden NFL 20 Top 100 players countdown. In today’s article Associate Designer Andre Weingarten and Dustin Smith will break down our top 100 players based on Overall rating. In cases where there are ties at an Overall number, the Madden Ratings Adjustor team discussed and ranked those players. So, without further ado, here is 25-1!

25. Ezekiel Elliott

HB Cowboys | 94 OVR

His 98 Ball Carrier Vision is 2nd best at HB. One of the last true work-horses in the NFL, Elliott is a 3-down back who is the carrying force for the Cowboys offense. With a powerful stiff arm and phenomenal leaping ability, his vision and burst through the hole make him one of the league’s elite.

24. Stephon Gilmore

CB Patriots | 94 OVR

23. Philip Rivers

QB Chargers |94 OVR

22. Damon Harrison Sr.

DT Lions | 95 OVR

21. Earl Thomas III

FS Ravens | 95 OVR

20. Trent Williams

LT Redskins | 95 OVR

19. Michael Thomas

WR Saints | 95 OVR

18. Odell Beckham Jr.

WR Browns | 96 OVR

17. Travis Kelce

TE Chiefs | 96 OVR

16. Jalen Ramsey

CB Jaguars | 96 OVR

15. Fletcher Cox

DT Eagles | 96 OVR

14. Zack Martin

RG Cowboys | 96 OVR

13. Tom Brady

QB Patriots | 96 OVR

He has the best Mid Accuracy (98) and Awareness (99) in the NFL. Brady remains the league’s most precise passer, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down. He continues to show the ability to adapt and maximize his surroundings, and it once again resulted in a Super Bowl victory.

12. Todd Gurley II

HB Rams 97 OVR

11. J.J. Watt

LE Texans | 97 OVR

10. Von Miller

LOLB Broncos | 97 OVR

9. David Bakhtiari

LT Packers | 97 OVR

8. Patrick Mahomes

QB Chiefs | 97 OVR

His 94 Deep Accuracy & 97 Throw Under Pressure lead all QBs. Mahomes 2018 season was unprecedented. His combination of excellent accuracy, and ability to find open receivers outside of structure led to consistent highlight-reel plays.

7. Luke Kuechly

MLB Panthers | 98 OVR

6. Julio Jones

WR Falcons | 98 OVR

5. Antonio Brown

WR Raiders | 98 OVR

His 98 Catch in Traffic & Spec Catch are 2nd best among all WRs. AB’s combination of elite route running and concentration at the catch point make him one of the league’s most dangerous receiving threats.

4. Bobby Wagner

MLB Seahawks | 99 OVR

3. Deandre Hopkins

WR Texans | 99 OVR

2. Khalil Mack

LOLB Bears | 99 OVR

1. Aaron Donald

RE Rams | 99 OVR

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