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Gridiron Notes: Twitch Prime, Madden Live and MUT Superstars

Twitch Prime is coming to Madden NFL 20, Madden Live on Twitch and a new program in Madden Ultimate Team

Madden NFL 20

Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community!

KRAELO (aka Agent K) here! Welcome back to another installment of Madden NFL 20's Gridiron Notes. For those that are new to Gridiron Notes, Gridiron Notes is where we keep you up-to-date with the latest Madden NFL 20 news. Our goal with this series is to provide you with deeper insight into our game and update you when we have new and relevant information to share about Madden NFL 20.

So my question for all of you guys is ... ARE YOU READY FOR MADDEN NFL 20??? I know I am!

A lot has happened this week leading up to World Wide Launch: EA Access, 3 Day Early Access if you pre-ordered the Superstar and Ultimate Superstar Edition and much more! 

Let’s recap some of the things that are happening in Madden right now and what’s coming up next!


Twitch Prime is coming back to Madden NFL 20!

Starting Friday, August 2nd, Twitch Prime subscribers will get the first content drop in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), Jim Brown. Unlock the legend and take him to the gridiron by claiming your content at Twitch.Amazon.com/Madden20.

Make sure to follow @EASPORTS_MUT on Twitter for details about Madden NFL 20 content for Twitch Prime Subscribers. 

Some quick details about Jim Brown’s player item in MUT. Jim Brown’s Twitch Prime player item has Arm Bar for his Superstar Ability and Freight Train for his Superstar X-Factor Ability (i.e. Zone Ability)

The Arm Bar Superstar Ability allows Jim Brown to excel at the Stiff Arm and the Stiff Arm special move when carrying the ball. While the Freight Train Superstar X-Factor Ability gives Jim Brown an increased chance to break the next tackle attempt. Freight Trains are relentless runners who refuse to go down on first contact. When in the zone, this ability increases their chance to break the next tackle.

Other players with Arm Bar Superstar Ability are Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott and Le“Veon Bell. Cam Newton is currently the only other player that has the Freight Train Superstar X-Factor Ability. Welcome to the Freight Train Club Jim Brown!

If you have any questions regarding Twitch Prime in #Madden20, make sure to check out the Twitch Rewards FAQ on Answers HQ here


What is Madden Live? Madden Live is an EA Partnership program where every month we will be featuring 4 Twitch streamers who will stream with Twitch Drops enabled on their channels. In an effort to capitalize on the continued growth of Good Morning Madden, we want to extend that viewership to the larger Madden Twitch directory. 

The 5 weekday streams will follow Good Morning Madden and we are working on a special Sunday stream including additional giveaways and content, leading into Sunday NFL football when the NFL Season kicks off in early September. 

Below are the 4 Twitch streamers we are partnering with for the month of August:

Make sure to follow their channels so you can get your Madden Twitch Drops and follow @EASPORTS_MUT on Twitter for updates on the Madden Live schedule week to week. We will be also sharing the Madden Live schedule on Good Morning Madden that happens Monday through Friday at 10:30AM ET on www.twitch.tv/EAMaddenNFL.


The first Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) program coming for Madden NFL 20 is MUT Superstars. This program will highlight one of the core features in Madden NFL 20: X-Factors and Superstar Abilities. When this program comes out, this will be the only place in MUT where you can acquire players that already have these X-Factors and Superstar Abilities statically placed on the item. 

MUT Superstars will launch with 4 MUT Superstar Masters, new Missions, new Ultimate Challenges and new Sets. Make sure to log in every day starting this Saturday, August 3rd, to discover new daily MUT Superstar Ultimate Challenges. 

Here is a look at the first 4 MUT Superstar Masters in Madden Ultimate Team today!


Just a reminder, if you have any questions regarding Madden NFL 20 pre-orders or Madden NFL 20 in general, please let us know. You can send your questions to us on Twitter at @EAMaddenNFL or share your feedback on our EA Forums here.

Each week, our community team will be working with the Madden development teams to get you answers and context around your Madden NFL 20 questions.

Here are some great questions we have received from the community about Madden NFL 20. Again, thanks for taking the time to ask your questions. We appreciate it!


Q: Is there an easy way to find out about the requirements for X-Factors and Superstar Ability Requirements in Madden Ultimate Team?

A: You can find information on how X-Factors and Superstar Ability Requirements work in Madden Ultimate Team at our Gridiron Notes article here. Make sure to download the spreadsheet. The best way to use the spreadsheet is to find your Archetype (e.g. Field General - QB) and then click on the filter and deselect N/A so that you can see at what Tier the ability will be available and any additional requirements needed as well (e.g. Tier 3: 95 OVR/95 THP).


Q: When can I expect to get my Madden Rewards MVP Program items in Madden Ultimate Team?

A: Madden Rewards MVP Program player items will be released in Madden Ultimate Team on Friday, August 2nd. For more information on the player items you can choose from as part of the Madden Rewards MVP Program, check out our Gridiron Notes article here.


Q: Does Madden NFL 20 have a mobile application?

A: Yes, the Madden NFL 20 Companion app is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Q: Does Madden NFL 20 have a mobile application?

A: Yes, the Madden NFL 20 Companion app is available now for iOS and Android devices.


Stay tuned to Gridiron Notes for future details on Title Updates, Gameplay Tuning and things coming to Madden Ultimate Team. It’s time for Madden Season to begin!

Stay in the conversation by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and EA Forums. Sign up for the Newsletter today to receive updates on Madden, and other EA news, products, and events, all season long.


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