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Madden Mobile Gridiron Notes

Detailing Field of Fear, October Content, the Evolution Mechanic, Signature Series and R.28

Madden NFL Mobile Updates

Hello, Madden Mobile Community!

Welcome back Madden Mobile Gridiron Notes! This week, the R.28 Bug Fix came out, the Evolution mechanic was released, and Field of Fear begins on Friday 10/4! Throughout the week, there were a couple of Madden Mobile segments of Good Morning Madden detailing all these topics. If you missed the live broadcasts, the stream archive and some highlights are embedded throughout this post. 


This was a large bug fix released on 10/1. Another edition of Gridiron Notes was dedicated to listing the items for the community here. Feedback about the updates has continued in the following days. Any outstanding issues will be resolved with the help of the Madden Mobile Devs.

Signature Series

6 brand new Signature Series players were released on 10/2! These new players are available in packs and were available for the day in the Signature Events. The players released were: Desmond Trufant (86 CB), Andrew Whitworth (86 OT), Davante Adams (87 WR), Phillip Rivers (87 QB), Eddie Jackson (88 S) and Travis Kelce (88 TE). 


Evolution is a brand-new mechanic added into the game on 10/3. Upon release, users were granted access to Shazier Camp, which gave all players their first evolution player, Ryan Shazier. Shazier Camp teaches you the basics of evolution and give you some experience with the mechanic before you upgrade eligible cards on your own. Once completed, you then can take LTD players or Kickoff Michael Strahan and evolve them into higher OVRs. It costs 2,000 Madden Gems to transform them into evolution players. Once they are evolution eligible, there is then a cost to upgrade them further. 

Field of Fear

On 10/4 Field of Fear officially launches with the Field Pass. This purchasable item provides access to a spooky themed Season and Gauntlet modes. It also is filled with Madden Cash, Vanity items and much much more! The Season and Gauntlet modes are also be purchasable with Madden Gems, giving users the option to choose how to purchase the content. There also is a BRAND-NEW Field of Fear football field that is purchasable with Field of Fear currency and is where the Season Mode challenges will be played. The 5 Stage Gauntlet will also be using the new themed field. The Field Pass, Season and Gauntlets kick off the month of Field of Fear content, which continues with weekly promos through Halloween!

What's Next

There will 2 Madden Mobile Segments of Good Morning Madden next week. On 10/9, there will be a special stream detailing the new Field of Fear promo coming out and the normal Friday Madden Mobile segment! All Streams can be seen at 10:30 AM ET here: https://www.twitch.tv/eamaddennfl.

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