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Mobile Gridiron Notes: Front Office and Sets

Community questions answered about the upcoming changes to Sets and the introduction of Front Office in Madden Mobile.

Madden NFL Mobile Updates

Welcome back to another edition of Mobile Gridiron Notes! In this week’s livestream Game Designer Brandon Kidwell discussed the improvements to Sets and shared details about new programs coming to Madden Mobile next season. Product Manager Patrick Feller also stopped by to talk about the introduction of the new Front Office feature. As always, we have developer answers to YOUR questions below.

If you missed the live broadcast, the stream archive and highlights are embedded throughout this post.


What’s happening with Sets?


How will the new Sets help to simplify the game?


What types of programs will there be at the start of the season?


Is the Front Office similar to Locker Items from previous seasons?


What types of Front Office items will there be?


Community Questions

1. Will sets like Large Quicksells and the Wheel of Madden Cash be returning?

There will be sets to turn players into coins, and to turn higher-OVR players into even more coins. Wheel sets are not planned for launch, although we have discussed bringing them back at some point. Additionally, there are several sets that award premium currency that can be used in the store or on extra stamina. We know that many players enjoy stockpiling resources for certain programs, such as Most Feared, and we want to make sure there’s opportunity to do that.

2. Will old-school trophies be returning??

There will be trophies themed to specific programs. The key difference between a trophy and other collectibles is that trophies are auctionable.

Using Ultimate Freeze as an example: there might be a set that takes Ultimate Freeze Badges or Ultimate Freeze Trophies. Badges could be earned from events while trophies could be found in packs or on the Auction House. This gives players a number of ways to collect what they need to progress through a program.

3. Can there be a practice room where you can choose a level of AI difficulty to play against?

We have already started development on a practice mode and it is nearly complete! While this mode won’t be available right at launch, we hope to have it out not too long afterwards. 


What's Next?

Next Thursday (7/3) at 11 AM EST, we will be talking about the team Power and the new Player Training system coming to Madden Mobile next season. (https://www.twitch.tv/eamaddennfl).

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