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February Community Roundup: Pathfinder Team Fan Art

The countdown to Mass Effect: Andromeda is underway! Ark Hyperion will arrive in less than a month, taking you and the 20,000 humans aboard to a new galaxy.

As the Pathfinder, you won’t have to shoulder the responsibility of humanity’s future by yourself. To successfully explore the galaxy and find a home, you’ll need to build a team with members of various species, some of which we’ve introduced in the last month. Community fan artists were quick to share their portrayals of these companions, and we spoke with some of them to find out what inspired these drawings. 


Liam by Herssian

“The moment I saw Liam in the trailer, his design popped out to me immediately. He feels very… tangible, like he has a story to tell or as if he’s the right character to accompany your own adventure. I just had to capture that feeling in my own way with my art. And, like it always happens with every BioWare game, I’m excited for all the possible interactions between the characters and the dynamics different personalities will bring to the table.” -Herssian



Cora by Crystal Graziano

“I drew Cora both because I like her design and because the theory that she’s related to the Illusive Man intrigues me quite a bit. I’m curious to see where her story goes.” -Crystal Graziano


Peebee by Shamiana

“What made me want to draw her in the first place was the fact that she seemed so different from all the Asari we’d seen before in the trilogy. Especially her raccoon-like face paint. It seems kinda roguish, which I like a lot.” – Shamiana

Have you created fan art of Ryder or other characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

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