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Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

EA Los Angeles

Game Features

8 Unique Multiplayer Scenarios

Instead of recycling single-player levels and retrofitting them for multiplayer, MOHPA offers 8 totally original gameplay scenarios to players, based both upon historical engagements as well as fictionalized scenarios. Learn More

Bookmarking Tools

Users can keep track of servers for convenient future access by putting them in a bookmark list. This will make it easier for users to return to servers they like playing on. Learn More

Anti-Cheat Technology & CD Key Banning

MOHPA will deliver a quality, cheat-free multiplayer experience out of the box by shipping with anti-cheat technology including PunkBusterTM, minimizing the influence of hacks and cheaters. Admins will also have the ability t… Learn More

Buddy Lists & Chat Lobby

Users will be able to access a new room-based chat lobby in the game's interface prior to joining a game. Buddy List features will also be provided that will give users the tools to find and keep in touch with friends and cla… Learn More

Instant Play Game Finder

When players first enter the multiplayer game, they are immediately presented with a link to a fast, open server. This removes some of the complex server browsing screens involved in most multiplayer games and allows users to… Learn More

Server Wizard

Rather than confronting users with a complex and confusing screen of buttons that most multiplayer games force upon users, MOHPA will feature an innovative new Server Wizard. Much like a Wizard one encounters when installing … Learn More

Persistent Online Stat Tracking & Ranking

MOHPA Multiplayer will allow users to create persistent accounts to keep track of their actions, experience, and performance online. Using these online stats, MOHPA will assess and assign ranks to players based on their skill… Learn More

New Weapon Set

The multiplayer game will utilize all the same weapons available in the single player game which includes a new set of weapons, including Bayonets for both Axis and Allied players. Learn More


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