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More Ways to Play HUT

NHL® 20 Gameplay


Hockey Ultimate Team™ (HUT) is an NHL® 20 game mode that allows you to create your fantasy lineup and compete online against other players from around the world or play offline. Create your team, collect players and items, and compete against other players from around the world. There is always an opponent ready for your challenge in Hockey Ultimate Team™.


After you build your team, you can play in a variety of game modes that will earn you rewards to help improve your HUT team. Play against featured squads from around the world, progress your way through divisions in Offline or Online Seasons, or against your friends - there's a way to play HUT for everyone.

Click here to read about all the game modes in HUT 20


In Hockey Ultimate Team™ there are a variety of player items you can obtain to build your team the way you want it. Player items can be obtained through opening packs, completing sets, winning Squad Battles, defeating HUT Challenges, ranking in Competitive Seasons, winning Online Seasons Division titles or through the Auction House. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold base player items. Special player items are also available such as items that feature upgraded attributes based off a player’s performance throughout the season.


HUT ICONS are players that you can unlock for your HUT team through opening up packs, buying them off the Auction House or by completing sets. This year Hockey Ultimate Team welcomes a new roster of playable hockey ICONS, bringing the total number to over 400. This year also introduces all-new Master ICONS featuring the best players in hockey history - with upgraded ratings, pack openings and item artwork.


HUT Synergy is a team-building system that challenges you to combine player strengths across your whole lineup. Players are linked by playing style and can be placed anywhere in your lineup, regardless of position. There are two types of Synergies: Player Synergies and Team Synergies. Player Synergies, such as Wingman, will grant a bonus only to players who share this synergy when activated. Team Synergies, such as Wrecking Crew, will grant a bonus to ALL players on the team when activated.


Our HUT Sets mechanic returns and takes collecting to a new level by giving value to every item in your collection. Collect and complete Sets by exchanging your items to unlock rewards and special edition player items that you can use to constantly build and improve your team. Players will earn collectibles, coins, packs and elite items depending on which Set you complete. Every item has value, so any item in your collection will benefit the long-term growth of your team.


You can improve your HUT team by opening packs, engaging in Sets or using the Auction House to buy, sell or trade to acquire new players to build your Ultimate Team™. There are a wide range of packs available in Hockey Ultimate Team™. They can be purchased using in-game coins or NHL® 20 Points, or acquired through playing Squad Battles, completing Sets, ranking in Competitive Seasons, completing HUT Challenges or winning Online Season Division Titles.

EA SPORTS NHL 20 is available worldwide on September 13. Pre-order the Ultimate Edition and play three days early.

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