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NHL® 20

With NHL® 20, Hockey Ultimate Team™ (HUT) gives you more ways than ever to build your fantasy team, so we want to make sure collecting items is a fair and rewarding process with Pack probabilities displayed in game. The goal with showing the probabilities for packs in HUT is to help you make decisions on where you want to invest your Points, Coins, and time.

How Pack Probabilities Work

To see the Pack probabilities, access the HUT Store and select “View Pack Probabilities”, where you'll see percentages on the likelihood of receiving certain categories of items from HUT Packs. Pack probabilities are grouped by overall rating, player item, and item type, as each pack contains a certain number of items that can differ with each opening.

Pack probabilities are built to ensure a guaranteed return for any pack purchase, for instance, a pack might show that you have a 100 percent likelihood of getting a category of Items that’s rated 80 or above. That means it will give you at least one player that’s 80+ rated. Every Pack description in the HUT Store also lists how many items you'll receive in total.

Keys to Remember

The probabilities are on a Pack-by-Pack basis and are not cumulative. That means that each Pack opening is an independent event, and opening multiple of the same pack does not change the likelihood of being awarded a particular Item.

HUT is a live-service game that's constantly evolving, Pack probabilities included. We always have new Programs and Campaigns, which can cause the Pack probabilities to change throughout the year. You will always have the option to check a Pack for the latest probabilities before you buy it through the “View Pack Probabilities” screen. Probabilities are accurate as of the time stamp indicated in that screen.

We want to give you more information to help you decide how you play our game and the rewards you compete for. We're always open to player feedback, and will continue to be with Pack probabilities, as we value player choice and remain committed to ensuring HUT is fun and rewarding for everyone in NHL 20. 

EA SPORTS NHL 20 is available worldwide on September 13. Pre-order the Ultimate Edition and play up to three days early.

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