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The Sims Mobile is Getting an Upgrade

And it’s all about the fashion.

Calling all fashion lovers and Sims makeover enthusiasts! The Sims™ Mobile is launching a major update today, February 26, 2019, that will satisfy all your Sims’ clothing cravings and more.

“So, what’s new?” you may ask. Well, where do we begin?

Revamped Shopping and Styling
Creating Sims is now a whole new experience. You can explore fun brands with hundreds of trendy items to suit your Sim’s personality and overall look. Take this quiz to find out which brand you'll love.

Sim Town Style
You get an outfit! You get an outfit! Everybody gets an outfit! You’ll be able to change the looks of Sims around town, including kids and toddlers in your household. And, in addition to changing the outfits of your playable Sims, you can now style all twelve members of your household.

Let Me Work It
A career, but make it fashion. Choose the Stylist career for your Sim who loves to style hair.

Plus, you'll now have the ability to choose when Sims age. No more unwanted birthday cake! Unless, of course, you'd like your Sims to age up. Your game, your rules.

We can’t wait for you to try out all the latest features! Download The Sims Mobile on the App Store or Google Playtoday. And while you’re at it, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for playing The Sims Mobile!

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