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Luxury Living Update - The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay

Sul Sul!

Spoil your Sims with the latest update! Have them live luxuriously with fabulous home features, furniture, and a brand-new house template in our Luxury Living update!

Take part in the Luxury Living Live Event to unlock high-end kitchen pieces, glam bedroom furniture, and everything you need to build a fantastic home cinema, including plush recliners and a popcorn machine. Complete the event to access the Sim Cinema House template, including a karaoke machine and beautiful aquarium – the perfect centerpiece for your Sims’ homes. Play the HANS On Modern Homes Seasonal Quest to check out the Home Automation System (HANS). Use HANS to dim house lights, change the color of your house with lighting, and operate curtains!


Plus, unlock the ultimate dishwasher, which will radically change the way your Sims clean their homes.


This update we are also introducing Fan Favourites. These are re-runs of Quests and Events that you have the choice to opt into! We are starting with the Snow Problem Seasonal Quest and the Chocolatier Carnival Hobby Event!




Event Dates (All dates in AEST):

●      Luxury Living Live Event: 10-day event starting August 31

●      Snow Problem Season Quest: 13-day optional event starting September 2

●      HANS On! Seasonal Quest: 7-day event starting September 12

●      Sleepwear Hobby (Event Re-run): 7-day event starting September 16

●      Chocolatier Carnival Hobby Event (Re-run): 10-day event starting September 23

●      Long Hair Hobby Event (Re-run ← As seen in Wedding Belles Update): 10-day event starting September 27


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