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Introducing Izzy Fabulous from The Sims Mobile

Meet your Sims’ new personal stylist.

Hello, my Fabulistas! Izzy Fabulous here. Fashion-forward thinker, pro-polka-dot, luxe-on-a-budget, and friendly neighborhood stylist. Remember to visit my Fashion Shop in Parkside in The Sims Mobile! First timers get a custom design on the house, which will surely be a showstopper at any party.

I know it’s hard to believe, but my shop wasn’t always the landmark fashion destination it is today. I recently found a letter I wrote to my sister, Mo, on the very first day I first arrived in town. I stumbled across it the way I find most treasures – while cataloging my crushed velvet coat collection. Unfortunately, the letter was returned to me because the post office frowns upon the use of sequined paper, due to weight restrictions (excuse me for trying to bring some dazzle to the mundane municipal post office.) Instead, I tweeted each line to her and kept the original which I’m happy to share with you now.

I hope you all enjoy! And let me say THANK YOU! To all of you, my Fabulistas.




Mo Fabulous

5510 Chic Street

Fashion District, San Myshuno


Dearest Mo,

Rolled into Parkside yesterday and found the perfect spot next to an adorable little cafe. Unlike stripes and florals, it turns out long drives and decorative fasteners don’t mix. Buttons were everywhere! After dealing with the avalanche, I set up shop to get ready for all my future fashionistas.

Everyone I have met so far has been a delight. Some are stylistically-challenged, but it’s nothing an Izzy Fabulous makeover can’t fix! I think I’m going to take your advice and start charging Fashion Gems for these designs.

You should definitely come visit because I also have big news: I’ve figured out how to put customized effects into my designs. Yes! So, if you ever want a blazer that literally blazes, or a camisole that gives you angelic wings, just drop on in! That goes for anyone who visits my shop in Parkside. Sims can show off my ensembles at parties in hopes of receiving Stickers like cute or fabulous – letting them know others love their look!

This is a fashion turning point for me, and I bet this is how you felt when you opened your hair salon! Thanks for squeezing me in before I left, by the way. I’m loving the pink hair. Here I was going through life thinking I was a mauve when, really, uh-oh, surprise! I’ve been a cotton candy all along!

But that’s what fashion and style is all about. Expressing yourself! Taking risks! Telling the world, you don’t care that it’s damp outside, you are wearing suede and that’s that. End of story. Or is it just the beginning?

Ciao for now, Mo! Miss you dearly. Come visit soon!




As you can probably tell, Izzy can’t wait for The Sims Mobile! Be sure to pre-register to be notified as soon as The Sims Mobile is available worldwide. And be sure to stay in the know for all things The Sims by following us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and www.thesims.com/news.

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