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The Waterfront District Has Arrived!

Learn more about how you can explore in The Sims Mobile.

Soak in the views, and so much more, with The Sims™ Mobile Waterfront District! Once unlocked, there are loads of fun new features – and beautiful, wavy water – to explore with your Sims.

First off, the Science Center will be open for exploration. Your Sims can interact with fresh career stories, making choices that shape their professional lives. They'll deep dive into the world of a Marine Biologist, and get to search for a unique species. And for all those familiar with putting your Sims in danger, a certain risky action can really heat things up. With the high-tech research lab, who knows what you’ll discover!

Ever wanted a rocket ship for your Sims? Well, you’re in for a galactic treat! The Space Explorer career is also arriving soon. But with great rockets come a great amount of paperwork. Be ready for your Sims to face some setbacks, but the payoff will be out of this world.

The Wellness Center will also be there for all your Sims’ zen needs. We’re talking massages, relaxation, and hydration. Yes, it's even important to hydrate your Sims, especially with that totally normal, 100% organic water! The path to enlightenment comes in the form of the Wellness Guru career, where they'll learn to levitate and complete a totally meditative story. And if you’ve ever heard of sensory deprivation tanks, your Sims will have that option in store, too.

Finally, get ready to hit the floor in the Dance Instructor Career, which is on the way. Even if you have two left feet, your Sims will be gliding across the Waterfront District with some pretty sweet moves. Have fun with all these features and keep an eye out for the LlamaZoom deliveries truck, where you can earn in-game rewards by completing tasks.

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