How to Record The Sims FreePlay

on iOS 11

For years, Simmers have been capturing their personal SimTown stories and sharing them with the community. Thanks to platforms like YouTube and Twitch TV, there are fabulous new ways to entertain and help others, build communities of fans and followers, and treat their channels as a full-time job!

Now, with the introduction of iOS 11 it's never been easier for Simmers to become content creators using their iPhone or iPad! Thanks to the operating system's new in-built screen capturing tools, you can easily capture video of your games, record voice-over, and edit, all without ever leaving your device. No need for any additional tools!

Sounds awesome, right? Want to learn how to do this? BeyondSims has created an amazing screen recording tutorial below to help eager Simmers get up and running. Check it out and you'll be equipped to share your stories in no time!

(Play on an Android device? A quick google will reveal plenty of available options for doing this as well!)

Created an extraordinary house? Have some tips worth sharing with your fellow Simmers? Want to show off the shenanigans your Sims get up to? We want to see it all! Tweet at us with your videos, and we'll share our favorites.

 Now go forth and get creating!

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