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Pool Paradise Update

The Sims FreePlay

Sul Sul,

Kick off your Sim's summer season by soaking up the sun with all new bubbling spas! Complete the Poolside Paradise Live Event with 'self care' major rewards, plus everything you need to make the perfect pool-side bungalow and outdoor party. We are also introducing a new Event type, 'SimChase' Season One! Take on an in-game rival Sim by completing fun Mother's Day challenges to win awesome Check Point Prizes!

Plus - in Build-Mode we welcome Support Posts - introducing more ways to implement functional, multi-story support beams, balconies & deck accessories for your outdoor designs.


Here are the playable event dates for this update (All dates in AEST):

  • NEW SimChase Season 1: Mother's Day Madness: 7-day event starting April 30
  • NEW Poolside Paradise Live Event: 9-day event starting May 7
  • Country Homestead Woodworking Hobby Event Re-Run: 10-day event running from May 13 - 22
  • Chic Boutique Live Event Re-Run: 10-day event starting May 21
  • Snow Problem Christmas Seasonal Quest Re-Run: 13-day event from May 21 - June 2
  • Hair Hobby Event (Long Hair v3) Re-Run: 9-day event running from May 25 - June 2


Other additions:

New Event Type - SimChase Quest

Notes from our Designer:

  • The Poolside Paradise update introduces a new event, SimChase to Sims Freeplay. SimChase is a TV game show-styled event where, over the course of 7 days, the player’s Sim is tasked with completing a set of daily challenges to reach a checkpoint and win a checkpoint prize. Checkpoint prizes are awarded every day with a grand prize at the end of the event.
  • The twist in SimChase is that your Sim is racing against a rival Sim to reach the Checkpoints first. If your Sim is beaten, your Rival collects the prize!
  • The checkpoint prizes are a mix of prize items and Chase Tokens. Chase Tokens allow your Sim to spin for rewards in the Roadworks section. These rewards allow your Sim to progress faster or, alternatively throw obstacles in the way of your rival Sim that slow them down!
  • Like the seasonal events, each day of SimChase will have a daybreak lock. Progress cannot continue for your Sim (or your Rival) until the clock ticks over to the new day.
  • SimChase kicks off from the Nightclub where your Sim must also return to check in and complete their Challenge Set.

New Build Mode Category

In-Ground Spas category

Notes from our Designer:

  • The Poolside Paradise event introduces Inground Spas! This item is available to all Simmers and can be found in its own Home Store section.

Support Posts

Notes from our Designer:

  • Simmers have seen support posts before but in the new update, players will be able to build balconies on support posts away from the main building.
  • This feature will give players even more freedom and options around their home lot designs.
  • Simmers will need to have completed the, ‘Lovey-Dovey Balcony Quest’ to access this functionality.

New Limited-Time Maternity Packs

  • There is a new pack of prizes included in this update.

CAS Inventory Sorting

  • The CAS inventory ordering has been updated. It now pulls newest stuff to the top, update by update.


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