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SimChase FAQ

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Sul Sul!

In this update we are sharing a new Event with you all: SimChase!

To help make sure you can hit the ground running with Season One: Mother’s Day Madness - we have put together this short FAQ! Good luck Simmers!

Q – What is SimChase?

A – An exciting race-styled gameshow where your Sim competes against a Rival Sim to complete crazy challenges. The first Sim to reach the daily checkpoint wins daily prizes. First to reach the end wins an awesome grand prize!


Q – How do I start SimChase?

A – SimChase is a limited time event that will start automatically.


Q – Where is the SimChase event menu?

A – The SimChase menu is accessed via the Active Tasks. Tap the blue SimChase icon next to the SimChase task.


Q – What’s the bar at the top of the SimChase menu?

A – That’s the progress bar. It shows your Sim and your Rival’s progress through the SimChase event. As you complete Challenges, the bar will progress.


Q- Who is that Sim at the top of the progress bar?

That’s your Rival who your Sim is racing against. Keep an eye on their progress because if they reach the Checkpoint first, they earn the Checkpoint Prize.


Q – The Rival has a circle next to their portrait and a grey portion on their progress bar. What do they mean?

The circle is a timer that displays how close they are to finishing their current challenge. The grey portion on the progress bar shows how much they will progress when they finish that challenge.


Q – So if the Rival can beat me to a Prize. Do I miss out on that Prize?

A – SimChase is a race so yes, the Rival has earned that Prize.


So if I missed a prize, can I still catch up?

A – Absolutely! Overtake your Rival and win any prizes that are left. This includes the Grand Prize at the end.


I’m falling behind what can I do?

At the end of the Daily Challenge Set in the SimChase menu there is an option to use SP to skip the Day’s Challenges Set. Also, when a Challenge is active, you can skip that Challenge in the SimChase Menu!


Q – What’s the Chase Token Checkpoint Prize and what do I do with it?

A – Chase Tokens let you take a spin in the Roadworks tab in the SimChase Menu.


Q – Alright then, what’s the Roadworks Spin?

A – The Roadworks Spin gives you a chance to sabotage your Rival’s progress or win advantages for your Sim!


Q – Who’s this Kam Ham fellow & where is the Nightclub check-in again?

A –Kam Ham is the handsome host of SimChase! During and event he can always be found in the Nightclub to the right on the SimTown map.


Q - I have completed all my Challenges, and I seem to be blocked and can’t progress to the next day’s challenges.

A – That is correct. You must wait for the next daily Challenge Set to unlock.


Q - How do I find out more about SimChase?

A - Check the ‘i’ tab in the SimChase Menu for more information about the Roadwork spin results and the Rival’s progress.


Gardening and Baking are great ways to earn Simoleons, very helpful when preparing for your next SimChase!


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Earn XP to level up and unlock additional Sim count. Check your Town Value button on the right side of the main HUD at the top of the screen to see when your next Sim count will unlock!

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