The Simpsons Arcade for iPhone

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The Simpsons Arcade for iPhone

Indulge in doughnut-chasing daredeviltry on iPhone and iPod touch with SIMPSONS ARCADE from EA Mobile. Help Homer dodge sinister Springfield forces while racing through 25+ levels.


Authentic sound effects and famous character voices by the real, live actors from "The Simpsons" give the gameplay a true Springfield accent. Test Earn and activate "Family Frenzy" power-ups to summon help from Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bart Test Run into favorite characters like Krusty, Bumblebee Man, Chief Wiggum, Squeaky Voiced Teen and The Rich Texan Test Help Homer race through 25+ levels in 6 different environments including Krusty Land, Channel 6, and Downtown Springfield. Test Listen to your own music as you play this daring and sugary arcade adventure Test Use touchscreen controls to punch, grab and flip, kick, butt slam, jump, pick up and throw objects, belly flop, and dodge enemies Test Use touch and accelerometer controls to play mini-games like "Slap Homer," "Doughnut Dreams," and "Inflato-Head" Test

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