Mass Effect: Andromeda EA Access reward

Amp your arsenal

May 11, 2017


The battle for humanity’s new home rages on, and those on the front lines deserve to be rewarded. Now through May 22, EA Access members who have played the Mass Effect: Andromeda Play First Trial can grab an exclusive multiplayer booster pack on us.


Boost your arsenal with 5 multiplayer items (includes the chance to snag an Uncommon or even a Rare item). Trick out your character with new weapons, powerful boosts and more, then show off your boosted power in the newest APEX Mission – Chasing the Archon’s Obsession - starting today. Uncover the Archon’s secret Remnant tech and strike a blow in the fight for humanity’s new home.


Ready to snag that sweet, sweet loot? Join EA Access today (for just $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year), play the trial and sign into the app to claim your reward. Then strap on your jetpack and leap into Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer so everyone can see your awesome character, new weapons and gear - while you're destroying the enemy.


That’s just the start of what EA Access has to offer. Want to learn more? Check out all the awesome full games, epic trials, and sweet discounts you can get at



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