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Like blowing up vehicles and close-quarters combat?

Play as... the Assault class!
When you hear the rumble of a tank, you've got two options: you can run, or turn and fight. If you're deploying as an Assault in Battlefield 1, you're likely the kind of player that chooses the second path. Assaults come equipped with explosive Gadgets to combat vehicles, making them the go-to Class for taking down stuff that rolls, flies, sails, or does anything besides walk on two legs. These are your classic close-quarters specialists - if you're facing one, you're going to want to engage them from a distance, because once they close the gap you’ll lose your advantage.

Want nearly endless ammo for you and your squad?

Play as... the Support class!
When you absolutely, positively want to keep your enemy from moving, the Support class provides sustained fire to take out enemies or suppress. Their weaponry is fit for close and medium range and typically has a high rate of fire, letting you lay down a steady stream of bullets towards anyone you'd rather keep in one place. And when it comes to bullets themselves, they've a trick up their sleeve: their Gadgets can keep teammates resupplied or help protect positions.

Enjoy keeping your teammates alive?

Play as... the Medic class!
Medic: If you've played a Battlefield game, the cry of “Medic!” is pretty familiar. There's very little more important when fighting than being able to protect the guy besides you, and that's where the Medic class shines brightest. But in Battlefield 1, Medics aren't just trained in the art of keeping their teammates healthy - they can repair vehicles, too. They can still hold their own in the combat department, with medium-range weapons that can put down an enemy so fast that healing an ally might not even be necessary.

Like taking down enemies from far, far away?

Play as... the Scout class!
Scout/Recon: Scouts names do a pretty good job of describing what they do. These are your long-range specialist, able to take out enemies from afar with powerful sniper rifles. If you're the kind of player that likes finding a nice, safe hill to hide on and engage enemies from a few hundred meters away, the Scout is definitely for you. But they are instrumental for team play as well - the Scout class can use its range and Gadgets to provide reconnaissance to their team, too, surveying the area and calling out locations for their teammates.

Want to jump into a vehicle and wreak havoc?

Play as... the Pilot or Tanker!
Deploy into the driver seat of a plane or tank in Battlefield 1 and you'll eschew your typical class in favor of the two new Vehicle classes. These replace your typical classes, letting you trade in your Medic or Support kit in favor of playing as a Tanker or Pilot. When you're deploying into a tank or a plane, those vehicles are your primary weapon, and you'll be fully absorbed into that role, rather than being an Assault who happens to by flying a biplane.


Flame Trooper Elite Class
Wrapped in fire-resistant gear, a gas mask, and carrying a powerful flamethrower, the Flame Trooper brings with him chaos. Stay far away if you can, but if you find yourself eye-to-eye with the Flame Trooper, you'd best muster your courage, fix your bayonet, and charge into battle before he notices you. One wrong move and you're likely to spend your last moments seeing red.

Sentry Elite Class
The Sentry moves like a human tank. With a water-cooled automatic machine gun at his hip and strapped in plated armour, the Sentry can shower enemy positions with lead while still being able to withstand a lot of damage. His main weakness is his greatest strength – in order to keep up his defense, he eschews the use of a gas mask in favor of additional armour plating. 

Tank Hunter Elite Class
The Tank Hunter has mastered the use of the 1918 Tankgewehr, an absolute beast of a weapon. Standing almost as tall as a man, the Tankgewehr is capable of damaging enemy vehicles over great distances. With a well-placed shot, the Tank Hunter can focus fire on particular parts of the enemy vehicles, taking out the tracks, machine guns, or cannons on armoured vehicles.

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