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Step into the Forest of Fe

3D artist Maria Svenningsson explains the thoughts behind the mythical forest of Fe, the setting for the upcoming game from Zoink Games.

Hi future explorer,

I hope you are eager to delve into the mythical forests of Fe. For those of you who just cannot wait any longer, let me tell you a bit about this world that we have created.

When we started working on Fe we took a lot of inspiration from our Swedish nature. I think everyone at Zoink has a lot of stories to tell about their relationship with the forest; it is rather difficult to avoid it when it covers 70% of your country and is free for anyone to enjoy. We all had tons of field days out there in our childhood where we got to explore the wondrous nature around us. But all our stories are different, for no forest is the same and the landscape varies very much from south to north.

The concept for Forest in the video game Fe

In Fe we have created a similar world, with different landscapes to experience. From the deep and old forest, filled with life; to the frozen and barren mountains. Each landscape offers beautiful sceneries as well as different ways to traverse them. In the forest, you can easily climb and jump between treetops to avoid any danger lurking on the ground. But how will you hide in the snowy mountains, with environment too harsh for tree to flourish? We have tried to not only give you different landscapes to enjoy, but we have also given them unique challenges to enrich the experience.

But this world is not untouched by civilization. Something ancient has left marks on the world to tell their story. Clues you might stumble upon when you leave that path you know by heart, and step into unknown territory. There is always something new to discover, even when you think you have seen it all, and that sparks an amazing feeling of wonder. Throughout the game you will unlock new means to expand the world around you. Explore the grounds, scout new locations from the high treetops and spread your wings to reach them. There is always something new to find when looking from a different angle.

And your voice can help you find new paths as well. Song is the energy and force that runs throughout this world, connecting creatures and plants. Build relationships with them to gain their help. They know these forests by heart and do not mind sharing their knowledge with friends.

I hope you will enjoy your time in our forest. See you there soon!

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