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Official Fe Crystal Guide - Great Tree Valley

Need some help unlocking every skill? Use this guide to find all of the crystals in Great Tree Valley.

1. This one is story-based, so you can't miss it!

2. Climb up on a tree and jump onto the ledge south of the main forest circle. To the southwest you'll find a cave blocked by a Silent One cage. Grab a seed from a bomb plant slightly to the north, deal with the cage, and grab the crystal.

3. North of the central tree platform, there's a crystal stuck in a Silent One cage. Get a bomb seed from a nearby plant and break the bars to claim the crystal.

4. To the north of the central tree platform, you can spot a tree growing on a curved rock. Climb it and the tree above until you reach a platform with a bomb plant on it. Grab one of its seeds, then walk between the two stones ahead and turn right. Below you'll see a platform with an eye-flower – drop down onto it, and there will be a cave behind you with a crystal in a Silent One cage. Break it with the bomb seed and the crystal is yours.

5. Once you can sing to the float flowers, ride one up to a platform southeast of the main clearing, where a carrier owl’s nest is. The owl will carry you to a higher platform, and there will be a large rock ahead of you. Walk around it to the right to take the path behind it, then hop over to the ledge with the crystal.

6. On the south edge of this area, use the float flowers to ride up the cliff while facing the rock wall, but don't go all the way up. Eventually you'll reach a small landing that you can drop down onto, and you'll find a crystal waiting inside a Silent One cage.

7. While this crystal is in the eastern wall of the canyon, you'll want to start on the western side, where a lone bomb plant is growing. Grab a seed and walk southeast to a float flower conveniently growing beneath a spring flower. Follow the trail of flowers, holding tight to your bomb seed, until they set you down on a ledge blocked off by a Silent One cage. Break it with the seed and grab the crystal on the other side.

8. You'll see a cutscene with several fox creatures calling to you. Follow them, but don't jump down from the cliff when they do. Instead, jump onto the closest tree to your right, and you'll see a crystal on a nearby ledge. Glide from tree to tree until you can reach the platform and grab your prize.

9. Go back to the cliff and look to the southwest. You'll see a crystal glowing through the fog on a far-off cliff. Head toward it by gliding from tree to tree, and you'll eventually see a tree to the south that's taller than all the others around it. Climb it and glide down to the crystal.

10. Near the southwest corner of the valley, you'll see a log suspended on some rocks. Climb up a short tree southeast of it, and you'll be able to see a crystal inside. Glide down inside the log (which may take a few tries unless you have stellar aim) and grab it.

11. On the northwest wall of the valley, you'll see a set of platforms that look like stairs sticking out of the cliff face. Nearby is a raised ledge with several trees growing out of it. Glide from another tree on the forest floor, then climb one of the higher trees until you're looking down on the stairs. Glide over and climb them, and this crystal will be waiting at the top.

12. Above the entrance to this area, you'll find a bomb plant. Grab a bomb seed – you'll need it later. In the southwest corner of the alcove, you'll find a huge tree with an opening in the trunk covered by a Silent One cage. Break it with the bomb, then climb up the smaller tree inside. There are two more trees growing above that one – keep climbing until you reach the top of the last tree, where you'll find a crystal.

13. This one is tricky, and it takes a lot of different skills to reach it. From the top of the tree where you found crystal 12, you can see a tall, tree-like stone in the distance. Glide toward and around it until you land on a rocky outcropping on its other side. Carefully walk up the rock path to a nearby tree and climb it.


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