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Official Fe Crystal Guide - Mama Bird's Tree

Need some help unlocking every skill? Use this guide to find all of the crystals in Mama Bird's Tree

1. From the mama bird's tree, head south, sticking to the short ledge south of the hieroglyph clearing. When you reach the edge of a cliff, drop down to the stream below. There you'll find a cave hidden in the cliff face with a crystal inside.

2. You'll find this one hiding in plain sight on a river bank west of the mama bird's tree.

3. Starting on the north side of the river, make your way to the broken land bridge and jump to the southern half. Climb a nearby tree and jump to a higher ledge, where you'll spot two spring flowers. Use both, then climb up the tree on the next ledge you land on and look east. A crystal will be waiting for you below.

4. Starting below at the Silent One shrine, grab a bomb seed from a nearby plant, then carry it northeast toward the cliff. You'll find a winding path leading up the cliff that ends at a spring flower. Bounce to the upper ledge, where you'll find a cave covered by a Silent One cage. Break it with the bomb seed and grab the crystal inside.

5. Cross the river west of the bird mama's tree and follow the path north until you see a snowy incline to the west. You won't be able to walk up it, but you can climb the tree next to it and jump to the top of the hill. Once you're there, drop down to the clearing south of you, and look behind the statue of a Silent One to find a cave blocked by blue mushrooms. Clear the way with the wolf call, then break the Silent One cage to free the spring flowers inside and bounce up to the crystal floating in the air.

6. Southwest of the mama bird's tree, you'll find a bomb-seed flower sitting on an elevated riverbank. Grab a seed, jump onto the rock on the other side of the path, and peer across the river. You'll see a Silent One cage blocking a small opening. Throw the seed to break it and then swim over to grab the crystal – just watch out for hungry fish.


7. This one's right out in the open. Drop down to the lowest level of the foggy area and you'll find it on a patch of ground to the north.

8. Along the eastern wall of the canyon, there's a path leading up the cliffside that you can reach by gliding from a nearby tree. Follow the path into a cave with an angry bear inside, then take a sharp right – not just to avoid the bear, but to head down a tunnel directly next to the entrance. You'll see a bridge ahead of you when you exit the tunnel, but don't cross it. Instead, turn around and walk up an incline leading over the opening you just came from. Eventually you'll find a spring flower you can use to jump to a nearby ledge and grab the crystal sitting there.

9. Go back to the bridge you saw on the way to crystal 8, then look to the northeast, where you'll spot a float flower. A series of them lead up the cliffside. Flutter from one to the other, grabbing and climbing trees where you need to, until you reach the top of the cliff and can grab this crystal from a fresh patch of snow.

10. This one takes a little leg work (or is that paw work?). As you scale the tree-platforming puzzle to the north of the mama bird's tree, you'll reach a point where you can see a hieroglyph on a ledge to the west. Jump down onto the ledge, then use a tree beside it to climb onto another ledge above. There you'll find a bomb plant – grab one of the seeds and carefully climb down some rock steps nearby until you're on the same platform as the carrier owl. On the southern part of that same platform, you'll see a tunnel blocked off by a Silent One cage. Break it with the bomb seed, and you'll find a crystal tucked away at the tunnel's end.

11. To get this crystal, which is propped up on an impossibly high ledge, you'll have to take a detour. At the bottom of the snowy hill to the northeast of the crystal, you'll spot a lone tree. Climb it and look to the northwest, where you'll see a line of trees growing up the cliff. Jump from one to the other until you reach the top of the tallest tree. (If you have trouble, wait a moment after you jump before you start gliding – it will give you just a little more air.)

Look to the southeast and aim for the blank spot above the large, dead tree, then let fly. Glide toward the crystal ledge (making a pitstop on the dead tree if you feel you need it), then snag your prize from those great heights.

12. This one may seem impossible to reach, but you just have to look at it from a different angle. Instead of entering the cave on the area's northeast wall where the crystal is marked on the map, start in the north. From the land bridge above where you found crystal 7, look southwest. Behind and above a Silent One statue, you should see a hint of blue mushrooms. Head over to them and clear them out with a wolf roar, and your crystal is just a hop away.

13. Go back to the entrance to the swamp, and you'll find a spring flower that you couldn't use before. Jump in and it will shoot you right up to this crystal.

14. Crystals have a certain glow, even in the dark. Enter the dark cave full of mushrooms and head toward the circle in the middle. Once you're there, stand on the far eastern edge of the circle (there will be a spring flower a few feet away) and face south. You'll see a wall of mushrooms on the other side of a gap. Jump over to it and follow the path to another spring flower, making sure to growl often to keep the mushrooms lit. This next part is tricky if you can't see.

Jump into the spring flower and it'll launch you toward a higher ledge. Immediately start gliding and you'll make it to where this crystal is perched.

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