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Official Fe Crystal Guide - Snake Shore

Need some help unlocking every skill? Use this guide to find all of the crystals in Snake Shore.

1. After destroying the binding gate to the east, sing to the eye-flower and it will create a flower platform path for you. Follow it to a crystal sitting on top of a tall rock, beside a hieroglyph.

2. Use the float flowers sitting on the ascending row of rocks to the west until you reach a high-up platform. Look to the northwest and you'll be able to faintly see a crystal on a lower platform. Jump and glide down to it to claim your prize.

3. As you enter the area, you'll spot a spring flower ahead of you that will shoot you forward into the valley below. Don't jump in it! Instead, turn to the right and look down. You'll spot a crystal on a platform below just waiting to be grabbed.

4. As you descend into the valley, you'll see an owl on top of a tree slightly east of the main path. Jump on the owl and ride it up to the top of a nearby arch, then head west toward the stairs covered in spring flowers. Turn right when you reach the top and head north toward the Silent One shrine.

Use the spring flower north of the shrine, then turn left and jump up a few rock stairs. Ahead you'll see a platform with two trees on the other side. Climb up one of the trees and jump onto the ledge above – if you land next to a hieroglyph, you're on the right track.

You'll see a cave in front of you, but ignore your instincts and instead look to the left. South of a lovely waterfall, you'll spot a crystal in a nest high above. Get a little closer, and you'll see two spring flowers in two nearby nests, one slightly lower than the ledge you're on. You know what to do: jump/glide down to the lower nest and ride your way up to the crystal.

5. This one is right near crystal 4, and you'll have to take the same path to get to it. Except this time, you'll have to brave the cave.

You'll find yourself in a cavern with a mama bear and two bear cubs. Walk over to the cubs so they break the Silent One cage blocking the exit. But instead of heading down the tunnel, take a sharp left and you'll see a gap in a small rock wall, with steps on the other side. Climb them, and you'll be in the mama bear's abode with a wall of blue mushrooms behind her. Quietly get rid of them and jump into the spring flower on the other side, which will rocket you up to another level of the cave.

Run forward until you reach an alcove with a whole bouquet of spring flowers inside. They'll rocket you every which way if you want to have some fun, but to get the crystal, you must jump up to the platform on the right. Pick the correct flowers to launch you up and right on top of that sneaky crystal.

6. After you complete the game, an owl will fly you back to the main area and stop at a small island with a crystal on it. Jump off the owl onto a nearby tree, then leap to the crystal.

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