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Official Fe Crystal Guide - Snowy Trail and Wolves' Domain

Need some help unlocking every skill? Use this guide to find all of the crystals in Snowy Trail and Wolves' Domain.

Snowy Trail

1. The area where you'll find this crystal is hidden deep in the ice region, so you have to keep an eye out for landmarks. Proceed through the area until you reach an icy incline that you can only climb by jumping between two spring flowers. Once you reach the top, turn left and you'll see a tree growing off the edge of the cliff you're standing on. Climb it, and in the distance you'll be able to spot a door covered in blue mushrooms on a far-off ledge. Glide down there, and the path beyond will lead you to the row of cliff-growing trees that end at a wide ledge.

Do your gliding thing, and you'll find a cave full of Silent Wolves guarding a crystal at the top of an icy hill. Free all three so they won't attack you, then sing to one and have her carry you to your prize.

2. As you're following the wolves through the snowy area, you'll come to a trail of spring flowers leading up a sheer cliff. You have to use them to follow your wolf leaders, but you can miss the last one, which is perched on top of a sharp rock. Make sure to hit it and it will rocket you up to a hidden platform that holds this crystal.

Wolves Domain

1. After you learn the language of the wolves, you'll come to a series of ice slides with spring flowers at the end. At the last spring flower, start gliding right away so you land on the high platform in front of you, then grab the crystal at its end.

2. In the mushroom cave, you'll meet an adult wolf. Sing to it and hop on its back to go for a ride. You'll eventually reach a fork in the path – sing away the mushrooms in front of the left path and follow it to a waiting crystal.

3. Head back up the path to the fork and look back the way you came, to the northeast. You'll see the last mushroom door you cleared, and a platform below that with a crystal on it. Jump to get off the wolf's back and drop down to a small platform jutting out on the north side of the path. Then you can grab the crystal and follow a new path to the south to get back onto the main route.

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