The Month to Come

Titanfall 2

Hello friends,
We’ve got a bunch of rad stuff in the works for April so I wanted to take this F.N.N. to lay out what’s coming this month.

First let’s talk about Titanfall 2 game related updates for April:

  • Next week we will be posting a blog that will reveal a bunch of the things we’ve got in the works for DLC for the next few months. This won’t cover everything single thing we have planned but will give you a good sense of what to expect over the next few months and we’ve got some exciting things to share.
  • There will be another DLC drop coming this month and it’s called, A Glitch in the Frontier. Later this month we’ll have an F.N.N. where we will be revealing all the content coming with it, the trailer, and release date.
  • We’ll be doing some new stuff with the Featured Mode tab in multiplayer. I can’t get into details yet but towards the end of the month expect to see new stuff there outside of the normal modes as we’ll be experimenting with a few things…

We’re also working on some new content. In addition to providing more communication we also have desire to share more about the people, culture, and work that goes on at Respawn. Launching this month:

  • Inside Dev Blogs – We love giving the team a chance to talk about their work and hope it gives you folks a better understanding of the work that goes into making games. We’ve released two so far and looking to do many more. Check them out:
  • Respawnses – This will be a Q&A video series we’ll be kicking off this month. First, we’ll post on our reddit and forums asking for questions and then film us answering a few of them.
  • Respawn Plays… - Think of this as developer commentary to Titanfall 2. We’re going to break these out into episodes per mission from single player and you’ll be able to watch the people that made the mission play through it and talk about its creation.
  • Contests – Later in the month we’ll be starting to run contests for fan art and game clips.

    We’ve been digging around this week and found lots of great community made fan art you should check out.

    This Ronin sketch by FelipeY-Art is so good:

DiamOnt creates a great image that capture the chaotic nature of Titanfall in a comic style:

This piece by Jonathan Elliot is hot. Super hot:

I’m a sucker for some good pixel art and this Pulse Blade Pilot by @BJGdesign is awesome.

Lastly, I think we can all relate to having those wacky moments in Titanfall where Lady Luck shows us favor. My favorite case of this is that random Pulse Blade kill.


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