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Dead Space™


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Standard Edition

In the future, Earth’s appetite for resources has become a major motivator for deep space exploration. Immense, privately-owned and operated mining ships called "planetcrackers" orbit planets and use sophisticated equipment to carve out entire city-sized chunks of rock, and reduce them to component elements and raw ore. Communications with one of these planetcrackers, the USG Nishimura, have ceased while the ship is engaged in deep space mining operations. The company’s top engineer, Isaac Clarke, is sent to discover the problem and fix it. Once onboard the vessel, Clarke discovers that a terrifying alien presence has taken over the ship, and has horribly killed the crew. Weaponless and terrified, this lone engineer is burdened with much more than simple survival -- he holds the fate of all mankind in his hands.
Action, Horror, Shooting
PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Release Date
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Dead Space™
PlayStation 3
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Dead Space™
Xbox One
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Game Features

Strategic dismemberment

Shear off limbs with powerful weapons as you carve a bloody path through the alien hordes. Find ways to neutralise attacking enemies effectively or they’ll keep coming at you. When ammo runs low, use telekinesis to pick up ob… Learn More

Terror in the far reaches of space

A blood-curdling interactive horror experience features state-of-the art graphics and effects, a panic-inducing audio system, and a truly frightening atmosphere of death and despair. Learn More

Real Zero G

Battle relentless enemies and crack challenging puzzles in unprecedented zero-gravity environments that reinvent survival horror. Learn More

Uncover the horrific truth

Cut through the harrowing mystery to stop the alien onslaught. Discover the tragic story of the Ishimura’s downfall through the final, frantic logs of the ship’s hideously transformed crew. Learn More

Unique weaponry

Stasis gun is used to slow charging aliens and to help solve puzzles. The gravity gun and unique projectile-based weaponry are mining tools; your ability to upgrade weapons increases as you progress through the game. Learn More


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dead-space Screenshot

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