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APEX Mission Brief 02

Your next multiplayer APEX Mission starts today

The Andromeda Initiative needs you now more than ever, as our fight for a new home continues in multiplayer APEX Missions. Team up with your friends as a member of the APEX militia, or send out your Strike Team, and take on these high-risk, limited time missions right now.

APEX Mission Brief 02

Mission: Something’s Gone Berserk

Duration: March 30th-April 3rd  (Mission ends at 9AM PDT)

This week’s battle begins in earnest on the Firebase Derelict map, and a fierce new enemy, the Exalted Krogan Behemoth, enters the fight today.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to earn valuable Mission Funds to spend on new equipment items—Thermal Clip Storage and the Juggernaut Shield—available for a limited time.

Thermal Clip Storage

Juggernaut Shield

Present: Tiran Kandros (Nexus Militia/APEX Leadership), Evfra de Tershaav (Angaran Resistance Leader, Operations Director)

Evfra de Tershaav: The information your APEX teams retrieved from the kett is… disturbing. If it's accurate.

Tiran Kandros: My people are the best. We can trust their intel.

Evfra: From what we've translated, these… krogan? Is that how it's said? The krogan scouts were taken by the kett—

Kandros: Like we suspected. Damn it.

Evfra: But these records show that after the usual tests, the krogan were picked as potential "khesorai." A kett word that crops up in their comms. It usually signals that some senior kett thinks a prisoner is… worthy.

Kandros: Worthy for what? More of their experiments?

Evfra: For a process that—hmm. Better not discuss it over these channels. For now, just know the kett call it "Exaltation." Those who endure this process are never the same.

Kandros: Well, if we don't know exactly what the kett are doing, we might know where. I have reports that a massive kett ship has suddenly changed course. She's skirting systems close to our Nexus—might even be heading for the station itself.

Evfra: Likely testing your defenses. It could be a coincidence.

Kandros: A coincidence too far. My scouts picked up evidence that krogan were taken onto that ship. That's enough for me: I'm sending APEX teams to board it and deal with the kett before they get within a parsec of the Nexus.

Evfra: Pledge to share your findings, and I'll commit Resistance assets to their mission. What do you expect them to find?

Kandros: Trouble. But trouble is where APEX are at their best.

Limited-Time Mission

Play “Something’s Gone Berserk” this Thursday through Monday, featuring nonstop action on the Firebase Derelict map. Available starting Thursday – a new enemy is revealed and a new item becomes available in the Item Store.

New Enemy: Exalted Krogan Behemoth

Once a Krogan scout who was captured by the kett, he was forced into the horrific “Exaltation” process… and now emerges as a frightening new creature ready to unleash its wrath!

Firebase Derelict

This kett ship is adrift in the Scourge. Symbolically important to the kett, its databanks are also full of the information valuable to those who can decipher it. Damage to the ship requires sections to be sealed off and re-opened for the militia to proceed, gathering information before they meet an extraction shuttle.

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