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Join the Fight with the Multiplayer Recruit Pack

Choose one of four powerful class-specific Recruit Packs.

Devastate the opposition with one of four awesome Multiplayer Recruit Packs. All players have one-time access to their choice of a powerful Infiltrator, Vanguard, Adept, or Soldier Multiplayer Recruit Pack, full of everything a new player needs to loadout a powerful character and get off to a great start with their APEX missions.

If you prefer charging in hard and dealing with your enemies up close, grab the Krogan Soldier pack. You’ll get the Krogan Vanguard character – a deadly frontline fighter, the Vanguard uses a combination of weapons, biotics, and hand-to-hand combat. The pack includes the powerful Ruzard shotgun, along with shotgun mods and a Berserker Package.

If you like a sneakier approach, the Salarian Infiltrator pack has everything you need to execute surprise attacks with the Tactical Cloak and high-damage weaponry. With the Vanquisher Sniper Rifle and plenty of Sniper Rifle mods, this pack is the best choice for making your presence known to enemies at long range.

The Asari Adept pack brings plenty of firepower to add to these biotic combat specialists. With powerful shotgun and assault rifles and accompanying mods, the battlefield is your playground as you unleash devastating biotics.

If you just want pure firepower, grab the Turian Soldier pack. With the famed X5 Ghost Assault Rifle and the Widow Sniper Rifle, you’ll never be short on punishment to dish out on enemies. And with the Stronghold Package, you’ll have enough armor to make sure you’re the one standing after a firefight.

Each Multiplayer Recruit pack gives you a powerful character to dive into APEX Missions with, but you only get one. So make sure you grab the character that fits your playstyle, and get ready to join the fight!

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