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Battlefield V: How to Play as a Squad Leader

Be the leader a squad will follow by using our guide.

In Battlefield™ V an effective Squad Leader makes a good squad great. Whether it’s by issuing orders or calling in Reinforcements, a little direction goes a long way. Here’s a quick doctrine on how to play as a Squad Leader. No conference calls required.

Squad Basics

A squad is you and up to three other friends or random players organized into a group, playing either Allies or Axis.

Squads are assembled automatically before the start of a multiplayer match. If you jump into Battlefield V grouped with friends via your respective platform client (e.g., Origin, Xbox Live, or PSN), then you can create a squad that includes them. You can also leave a match together as a squad. If you find yourself in a situation where a player leaves your squad for whatever reason, you can always switch into a squad in need of one more soldier.

What is a Squad Leader?

Squad Leaders exercise command by issuing orders and control by calling in Reinforcements. Every squad has one Squad Leader regardless of their size. Leaders are chosen automatically but can be kicked from their position (see below). You can tell who the Squad Leader is by looking for the small diamond icon next to a player’s name near the mini-map. Also, squad leaders are automatically issued a field radio, so if you see a fellow squad member with a radio on their back, follow them!

What Does the Squad Leader Do?

Soldiers follow the Squad Leader into battle, relying on their assessment of the battlefield. They coordinate their squad and maintain a tactical overview of the map.

The role has two key special functions: the ability to designate an objective on the map and the authority to spend Squad Requisition points on Reinforcements.

Issuing Orders

Press the “Danger Ping” button while looking at an objective on the map or select one from the Commo Rose to issue an order to your team This objective will be marked for the squad to see near the mini-map (Flag A, Flag B, etc.). Not only does this help direct the flow of traffic, but your squad mates will score extra points when following these orders.

If you see a frequent string of “REQUEST ORDER” in the squad chat, you are on the verge of losing the Squad Leader position. Another squad member will automatically be promoted to Squad Leader if enough requests for orders go unheard. You can revert a squad mutiny by issuing an order quickly, or by calling in a Reinforcement.

Calling for Reinforcements

Those Requisition Points tallying up near the mini-map go toward deploying any of the seven match-altering Reinforcements, like a Supply Canister (Battlefield V’s health and ammo piñata) or Sturmtiger tank. Read more about accruing these points in our squad guide.

Don’t go impulse spending and call in any ol’ Reinforcement, read the situation and choose wisely. Here’s what you can call in if you’ve got the dough:

  • V-1 Rocket (41500 Requisition Points)
  • JB-2 Rocket (41500 Requisition Points)
  • Sturmtiger (20750 Requisition Points)
  • Churchill Crocodile (20750 Requisition Points)
  • Supply Canister Drop (2450 Requisition Points)
  • T48 GMC 6 pdr AT Half-track (9850 Requisition Points)
  • Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen (9850 Requisition Points)

Do You Want to Be Squad Leader?

If you like taking the reins, become Squad Leader by asking the current one to promote you, request orders often when none are being issued, or leave your squad and create a new. But please, don’t spam the Request Order message if you already have a competent Squad Leader.

Everyone should get some time behind the leadership wheel, but if you aren’t feeling up to it, you can relinquish the role by promoting another squad member to the role via the Squad organization menu, or by not issuing orders until you are automatically demoted. Just don’t be a back-seat soldier after you give up the title.

Want to learn even more? Hop on over to our dedicated Battlefield V tips and tricks page.

Jeff Landa (Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffLanda)

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