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Battlefield V: How to Fight and Win as a Squad

Take advantage of every squad gameplay innovation in Battlefield V with our field manual.

There’s no doubt, the core of a good army is founded on the individual soldier. However, only a great squad can deliver the high volume of focused attacks and defense that can earn a victory in Battlefield™ V.

Below, we’ll cover some of the basic actions and tactical principles of how to be a high-speed, hard-charging squad, like how to work as a team, the mechanics that will keep your friends alive longer, and what to do with all those Requisition points.

What is a Squad?

A squad is a unit of up to four players, including you, whose Class composition is the key to controlling space on a map and destroying rival troops, all while protecting your buddies. You’ll know where your squad mates are on the map via the distinctive green Class symbols over their heads as well as over their names on the score screen.

How Do I Join a Squad?

When you enter a multiplayer match, you are automatically placed into a squad of players fighting on either the Axis or Allies side. Access the Squad option to leave a squad, join another squad that has room for one more, or create a new squad.

If you jump into Battlefield V grouped with friends through your respective platform client (e.g., Origin, Xbox Live, or PSN), then you can create a squad that includes them. You can also leave a match together as a squad. If you find yourself in a situation where a player leaves your squad for whatever reason, you can always switch into a squad in need of one more soldier.

No matter how you end up in a squad, there are no limitations on the Class or loadout you choose to bring into battle. The only designation that is squad-specific is the title of Squad Leader.

What Does the Squad Leader do?

The Squad Leader is the point of decision, where the best laid plans collide with the enemy in direct combat. Each squad is automatically appointed a Squad Leader, marked by the small diamond icon next to their name, as shown near the mini-map.

If you find yourself in this lofty role – and if you plan to keep it – make sure to issue orders! In area-contested game modes such as Conquest, you can order your squad to an objective, such as Flag A, Flag B, etc., by placing your crosshairs over the Flag icon and tapping the Danger Ping button. This helps direct the flow of traffic and keeps the squad playing together. As a bonus, your squad mates will score extra points when following orders (securing a marked objective).

Don’t feel like leading anymore? Enter the Squad menu to promote another member within your squad as the leader. Keep in mind, squad mates can mutiny and strip the Squad Leader of their leadership role if their request orders repeatedly go unanswered.

Squad Leaders also call in Reinforcements by spending Requisition Points. These points accrue when your squad works together in a variety of ways (more on that below) and the more you rake in, the better the Reinforcement options. Pull up the Squad Leader Radio/Commo Rose menu, select your back up of choice, and rejoice.

How Do I Get Requisition Points?

The most effective Reinforcements are locked behind a higher amount of Requisition Points. These progress from items like a Supply Canister drop, to vehicles like the Churchill Crocodile Tank, or a match-altering JB-2 Rocket.

Supportive actions as a squad leads to collecting Requisition Points. These actions include revives, resupplies, and spawning on your squad. You can always see the amount of Requisition Points earned next to the name of the Squad Leader near the mini-map. Reinforcements can’t win the match for you but can go a long way in gaining, keeping, or reversing a lead.

Find additional strategies on Reinforcements in our guide.

Some Tactical Principles to Follow

All right, now that you’ve got your bearings on the basics, let’s plunge into some strategy below. Remember, every battlefield situation must be approached on its own merits.

Why Should I Play with my Squad?

The answer is simple. You’ll spend more time on the field and less time in the deploy screen. Playing with your squad heightens the elements of combined fire to take on a myriad of conditions. Study these mechanics as a primer to help build your ideal squad composition:

  • Spotting – The Recon Class can mark enemies in the distance for all squad members, depending on their Combat Role, increasing the amount of data they can work from. Other Class’ Combat Roles have different spotting abilities; you can explore those in our guides.
  • Orders – As outlined above, a Squad Leader’s issued orders keep the squad together.
  • Squad Revive – The Medic Class can revive all, but squad members can buddy revive each other regardless of Class. It may be a little slower, but it allows squads to retain a flexible squad composition and not select three medics to back up a trigger-happy Assault player, for example.
  • Squad Spawns – Get to the objective faster with the ability to spawn on any squad member. Upon death, navigate either the squad camera or deploy overview screen to select a squad mate to spawn on. You won’t be able to spawn on a squad mate who is under fire or down.
  • Squad Camera – Consider this as extra map data to work from when deciding on where to redeploy. The squad camera appears once you die, following the over-the-shoulder action of surviving squad members. This is an excellent way to decide on the ideal Class and loadout given your squad’s situation. You can also track their movement across the map via the deploy overview screen.
  • Reinforcements – As mentioned, the better a squad plays together, the quicker they collect Requisition Points to spend on heavy machinery like the Tiger I tank or V-1 Rocket. 

What Does a Good Squad Look like?

Battlefield V equips players with the power of combinations: Class, Combat Roles, gadgets, weapons, and vehicles. A good squad uses every opportunity to exploit their strengths while stopping the enemy from doing the same. Below are some suggestions on being part of a good squad.

  • Select a mix of Classes and Combat Roles – The smart use of offensive and defensive soldier and gear combinations are more likely to create problems that halt and confuse the opposing team. Variety can overwhelm the enemy while protecting a Class’s individual weaknesses.
  • Work as a Team – Classes function as force multipliers. A Medic increases everyone’s ability to heal more often with their Med Pouches, a Support increases everyone’s ammunition reserves, and so forth.
  • Play the Objective – Attack or defend as one to bring all your squad’s might on one goal. You’ll clear enemies and defend areas longer. Also, staying in one area boosts the functionality of a squad spawn.
  • Communicate – Use either your mic or squad chat to communicate the on-the-ground situation. You are an extra set of eyes for your squad mates: if you see something important, call it out!

Want to learn even more? Hop on over to our dedicated Battlefield V tips and tricks page.

Jeff Landa (Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffLanda)

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