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Official Fe Crystal Guide - Tunnel and Shore

Need some help unlocking every skill? Use this guide to find all of the crystals in Tunnel and Shore.

1. Climb up a tree and jump onto the ledge west of the main forest circle. Follow your deer friend down the path to the left, and you'll spot this crystal as you emerge from the tunnel.

2. As you head down the hill from the previous tunnel, sing to the eye-flower slightly to the west of the main path. It will activate a set of flower platforms you can use to bounce to the next crystal and snag it.

3. After you sneak past your first pair of Silent Ones, sing to the eye-flower beyond so it creates a flower path. Climb up a tree on the other side and jump onto a nearby ledge. Instead of following the path to the left, turn to the right and you'll see this crystal on a nearby rock. Jump off a wayward flower platform (or drop back down and sing to the eye-flower again to make it reappear) and claim the crystal as your own.

4. Here's a blast from the past: head south down the path the way you did at the beginning of the game, but this time, when you spot a spring flower ahead, use it. Bounce from flower to flower to a crystal that's been waiting a long time to see you.

5. Head south down the path, keeping an eye on the eastern wall. You'll eventually see some rocks that look suspiciously like stairs. Climb them, then finally activate the spring flower that's been waiting for you since the beginning. Bounce up to the next ledge, then follow the path to claim the crystal at the end.

6. You earn this one with good ol' fashion platforming. Run along the cliff bordering the eastern wall of the area until you spot a tree reaching up toward a spring flower. Launch yourself to the next ledge and you'll spot another spring flower – the rest of the path unfolds from there. Keep heading up to scale the cliff face and grab a crystal on a high-up ledge.

7. From crystal 4, head northeast and as you pass under the giant tree, stay to the left of the fork. You'll end up on a rock bridge above the first Silent One camp you encountered in the game. (And in front of crystal 3 if you haven't gotten it already.) Run to the end of the path, then look over the edge to the west and you'll see a float flower. Activate it and then follow a line of float flowers leading into the fog, hugging the wall. Soon you'll reach a far-off ledge, but you're not done yet – look around for another float flower, then make your wall to a second hidden ledge with a crystal on it.


8. From the eye-flower that leads you to crystal 2, turn around and head uphill, running along a path that hugs the cavern wall. Soon, you'll reach a slight ledge with a spring flower at the bottom. Bounce up onto the raised path and look to your right as you race down it. Before long, you'll spot a crystal hovering in the air. Find a spot right in front of it (it’ll be framed by a forked branch when you’re in the right place) and jump for it. You might have to try a few times, but you'll get it!

9. Head to the southern edge of the peninsula and use a float flower against the rock wall to glide onto a thin platform. A line of trees is growing out of the cliff nearby. Climb to the top of the highest one, and you'll spot a crystal hidden in a circle of rocks to the east.

10. From the mama bird's tree, follow the river west until it reaches a waterfall. Overhead you'll see a large stone platform; climb up to it using the stone path against the cliff to the south. There will be a curved stone directly ahead of you at the top. Run around to the back and climb on top of it, then jump across the small gap to another flat stone ahead of you (to the northeast).

You'll now see two translucent floating jellyfish. Sing to them to make them take shape, the jump to the first jellyfish. Turn around and have it spring you back toward the vine-covered rock wall on the east side of the path. At the path’s north end, you'll see a set of rock stairs. Climb them and head north, hopping to a ledge ahead of you, and you'll find this crystal tucked away in a secret cave.

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