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Don't go looking for trouble



Comrades in arms. Friends. Kandros here.

Our time in Heleus has been intense, filled with conflict both internal and external, expected and unexpected.

First let me say: when I joined the Initiative and left for Andromeda, I never intended to lead a military life. However, the life I’ve created here in Heleus—this life as director of the militia—is more challenging and rewarding than anything I had imagined. And it’s because of all of you and your commitment and expertise. I’m lucky to lead such skilled soldiers. Sure, you’re a rag-tag militia called into duty when you’d rather be settling Andromeda—but no commander of a dedicated army could ask for better.

Now, the mission: the kett. Those assholes. I’m sorry I have to send you out to take on those soulless, ugly, bone-faced, motherless, ignorant bastards once more. In all my career, I’ve never encountered an enemy more despicable than the kett and their genocide disguised as reproduction.

Firebase Aqua—recently recaptured from the Roekaar—has been taken by the kett. Hideous grey cowards. Walking filth. We need you to get in there and do as much damage as you can—reduce their numbers, sabotage, mess their shit up.

You can do it. Have fun. Show those stupid, pompous bastards what good ol’ evolution can do. Show them that integrity and decency is powerful and that it can kick ass.

It’s an honor to serve with you. Kandros out.


Pistol / SMG AMP

Increases pistol and submachine gun damage by amplifying the weapon's mass accelerator.

Armored Components

Increases thermal clip and power cell capacity with added armor compartments.

Firebase Aqua

You must return to Firebase Aqua, this time under cover of darkness, to face your greatest challenge as the Kett fight to take control of this lucrative base!


MATCH MODIFIER: NEW Expanded Waves of Battle – Your team will face its greatest challenge yet as together you fight through the first of its kind: an unprecedented fight where you face 11 waves of enemies – including fighting a major new “Boss” the Kett commander! Bring your best weapons, boosts, and your ability to work together as a team to fight through this challenge and come through it successfully!



COMPLETED 06/19/17

We traveled to Firebase Icebreaker to intercept vital intel sent to Roekaar enemy combatants.

View Mission


COMPLETED 06/12/17

A Roekaar cell occupying Firebase Aqua held crucial information. We needed to retrieve it and take out the hostile cell.

View Mission


COMPLETED 05/29/17

We needed to follow every lead to uncover the special Remnant tech the Archon believes he has.

View Mission


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