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Bioware and the European Space Agency

Just like the Andromeda Initiative, the European Space Agency inspires human civilization to reach for the stars into the Milky Way's neighboring galaxies. How far will you go? Bioware is partnering with the European Space Agency to bring the most authentic real-life science content to fans.


In Mass Effect Andromeda, you become the Pathfinder – mankind’s greatest adventurer. Your mission is to find a new home for humanity in the unexplored reaches of the Helius Cluster. Even though they don’t travel to distant galaxies yet, astronauts are already true space explorers.

Humanity embarks on a faraway galaxy. Could we ever travel for 600 years? With today’s technology, even traveling to planets close by will take several months. Romain Charles and Dr. Beth Healey share their experience of living in isolation and the possibility of leaving Earth forever.

Your mission as a pathfinder is to explore potentially habitable exoplanets and find out if one of them is a safe harbor for humanity. Discover with Matthias Maurer, ESA Astronaut, and Frank de Winne, Head of the EAC, what is already conceivable nowadays and what would be needed for humanity to prosper on a distant planet.


The Andromeda Initiative has registered six new human recruits to board the Ark Hyperion, and we’re collaborating with the European Space Agency to let six content creators participate in an authentic astronaut training experience before launch.

Before embarking on this mission to explore a new galaxy, the recruits will have to show their abilities in a series of space training sessions within the European Astronaut Centre, home base for all European astronauts in Cologne. They will discover the meaning of courage as they prepare for humanity’s journey first-hand.

The six recruits include:

  • Squeezie from France
  • TheGrefG from Spain
  • Pietsmiet from Germany
  • Jane from the UK
  • SciFun from Poland
  • Steffan from the UK

Pathfinder Jane reporting for duty! Have a look at her fearless training here:

You can also watch the videos from Squeezie, TheGrefG, Pietsmiet and SciFun

Mass Effect™: Andromeda launches on March 21, 2017 in North America and March 23, 2017 in Europe. Sign up for the Andromeda Initiative now to receive pre-departure training information and exclusive in-game rewards.

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