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What’s Coming In Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer

In the coming months, we’re introducing three new character kits to Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer. We’ll also continue to introduce challenging new weekly APEX missions that play to the strengths of these new kits and abilities.

In October, the Human Artificer joins APEX. This genius programmer in a suit of Remnant Tech Armor is a highly-capable support character. Invasion and Cryobeam weaken and disable enemies, while the Remnant VI adds DPS and opportunities for combo detonations.

We’re also adding a new assault rifle to the weapon pool—the Sovoa. This semi-automatic rifle fires energy blasts that cause a shockwave-like explosion upon impact. The elegance of the single-beam blast matches the rifle's sleek design. The Sovoa, translated to "lights out," is the first weapon developed by Taravay Industries, a new manufacturer co-founded by angara and turians. A product of two galaxies, the rifle combines Milky Way kinetic coils with angaran explosives.

In November, the Human Commando and Guardian join the fray. The Commando wields a combination of biotic and combat abilities to devastating effect. Capable of dealing high-level biotic damage, the Commando can also disable groups of enemies with Warp and Singularity before finishing them off with a Turbocharge volley.

The Guardian is a defensive powerhouse, whose tools are designed to keep him and his teammates alive. With Shield Boost and Backlash to shore up defenses, he can also disable enemies and create combos with Warp.

While there are no planned patches, our team is continuing to look into quality-of-life requests from our players. We’ll also have more opportunities for you to get APEX elite packs, including a special N7 Day mission.

Stay tuned to our channels for more information when those missions go live.


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