Titanfall 2: Frontier News Network 11.04

Welcome Pilots to the Frontier News Network! Every two weeks we’ll be giving you updates on what’s happening in the Titanfall 2 universe. This was a big week!

With any big launch, there are bound to be some issues and we’ve got talented folks working hard to find, address, and squash bugs that are reported. If you have an issue to report or feedback on the game, the best place to do it is in our forums and we’ve got some handy links below to help you out:

If you’re having an issue the first place to start is our Troubleshooting FAQ - https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/5166/titanfall-2-troubleshooting-faq#latest

If you don’t see your bug there, then please submit it in our forums using these steps - https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/5165/have-a-bug-to-report-follow-these-guidelines#latest

We’re also providing updates on Known Issues that we’re currently working on - https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/5297/known-issue-tracking/p1?new=1

And lastly we’ll be updating you all with info on patches and hot fixes here - https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/categories/tf2-game-updates

Thank you to everyone that has been providing feedback. Keep it coming. We are continuing to hone and tweak Titanfall 2, and your help makes it a better game.


Our goal with Networks is to make Titanfall 2 a meaningful social experience for all players. Being a part of a Network is a great way to meet new people and get bonuses for playing.

Here are our Top Networks for this week:

  • Titanfall Tuesday [Xbox One, PS4, PC] - The long-standing Titanfall community play date continues with Titanfall 2 and every two weeks we’ll have devs from Respawn joining in the fun.
  • Giant bomb [Xbox One, PS4, PC] – Giant bomb is a great games site for news coverage and reviews with fantastic taste. They gave Titanfall 2 a 5/5 so they know what’s up.
  • Frothy [PC] – FrothyOmen not only provides an excellent Pilot School series for folks looking to get better at Titanfall 2 but also streams regularly.


You guys have already come up with some amazing stuff that we couldn’t have anticipated. We’ve had a lot of fun watching streams, videos, and gifs that you’ve been posting. Not to mention the fan art! Here’s our Top Plays for this episode:

Ronin two for one: http://i.imgur.com/HCTwwWq.gifv

Northstar OP confirmed: https://youtu.be/1Pa7Pst2iM0?t=22s

Check out this amazing Scorch fan art from Sebastien Hue! http://shue13.cgsociety.org/art/titanfall2-photoshop-shue13-titan-mecha-scorch-digital-painting-fanart-robot-gameart-electronicarts-titanfall-2-fan-art-2d-1407830/

Do you have something you think could make Top Plays? share what you got whether it be art, gameplay, or whatever we want to see it! Show us what you got here - https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/5028/submit-your-fan-creations#latest


If you are looking to get better at the game or just want to watch some master class Pilots at work, we recommend checking out these streams this weekend and beyond:

Darkness_429 - Tim has been streaming Titanfall since the original and is one of the most entertaining players to watch.


Streamerhouse - These folks are streaming literally 24/7 and they’ve got a few great players that are often playing Titanfall 2.


Gamesager - One of the most feared players out there and he still holds the record for fastest run through the gauntlet. Buckle up and enjoy.


And that’s it for this update! Thanks for all the feedback and helping us make Titanfall 2 an awesome launch. We’ll see you on 11/18 with our next update.

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