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Happy Holidays! From all of us at Respawn we hope you are having a wonderful time filled with family, friends, games, and rest. As the team is also taking time off right now this edition of FNN will be lite and we decided to make it all about the fun stuff you folks have been doing and creating since the launch of Titanfall 2.

Before we get into the Community stuff, we’d like to say, welcome to all our new Pilots that got a shiny new Titanfall 2 game under the tree this Holiday! Thanks for playing and to get you started, here’s where you can go to get some tips on the game to get you ready for multiplayer:


I don’t think a day goes by where we aren’t emailing each other something rad from the community. We love seeing the crazy stuff you come up with in the game. Also great to see new fan art and cosplay.

Here are just but a few of our favorites:


Fantastic rendering of Pilot and Titan by Sanderson on Pixiv:

Scorched Earth by: Felipe Y-Art

BT & Jack Cooper Pixel Art by: bman4750 via Reddit



Ion and Legion team up for maximum damage:

The grapple hook leads to some great moments:

Gravity Star is quite the counter to A-Wall:

Gamesager has been making lots of videos of Titanfall 2 since launch and is one of the most dangerous Pilots out there. Here’s why:

Benchy is another long-time Titanfall player that has some incredible clips on his channel. Check out his Titanfall 2: Awakening Montage for some highlights:

Last but not least. One of our amazing animators, Moy Parra has been making a wonderful series called Titan Toons that you should not miss. Watch all 4 episodes here:

Have a Happy New Year, Pilots!

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