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Titanfall 2 – Inside Development Series Intro with Drew McCoy

As we enter these last few months of development before shipping Titanfall 2, we thought it would be cool to give our fans an inside look here at Respawn and learn more about what we've been up to for the last couple of years. You guys are the reason we exist and we love when we're able to bring you behind the scenes info and deeper knowledge on our games. So with that in mind we're kicking off a series of short videos titled Inside Titanfall Development; quick videos shot with the guys and gals working on Titanfall 2 covering some of the more intricate topics that we get asked about. These videos aren't necessarily going to be for the faint of heart, this isn't another chance for marketing speak to get out there, this is our chance to let our hardcore fans in on some of the more complex things we do here at Respawn.

We hope you like the videos, and if there's a topic you're dying to hear about please let us know.

-Drew McCoy

Producer, Titanfall 2

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