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PICA PICA is a real-time raytracing experiment featuring self-learning agents in a procedurally-assembled world. Built using SEED's R&D engine Halcyon, this AI playground showcases real-time raytracing using DirectX Raytracing, Microsoft's newly announced API which enables developers to bring raytracing to life.

This demo showcases several novel approaches developed specifically for real-time raytracing, including raytraced reflections, ambient occlusion, soft shadows, transparency, translucency and subsurface scattering, as well as dynamic global illumination.

Here are a few screenshots - click to see them at full resolution!

PICA PICA Screenshot 01 PICA PICA Screenshot 02PICA PICA Screenshot 03 PICA PICA Screenshot 04

Make sure to attend this year's GDC, where several techniques from PICA PICA will be presented in the following talks.
You can also see it running live at the conference's expo, at NVIDIA's booth.


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