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  • ANGLES, Baptiste (SEED, Google, Université de Toulouse). REBAIN, Daniel (Google, University of Victoria). MACKLIN, Miles (NVIDIA, University of Copenhagen). WYWILL, Brian (University of Victoria). BARTHE, Loic (Université de Toulouse, IRIT / CNRS), LEWIS, JP (SEED), VON DER PAHLEN, Javier (SEED). IZADI, Shahram (Google). VALENTIN, Julien (Google). BOUAZIZ, Sofien (Google). TAGLIASACCHI, Andrea (Google, University of Waterloo, University of Victoria). VIPER: Volume Invariant Position-based Elastic Rods, SCA2019, paper.
  • BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin. Texture Level of Detail Strategies for Real-Time Ray Tracing. SIGGRAPH 2019. In Ray Tracing Gems 1.1, NVIDIA Sponsored Sessions by Eric Haines.
  • KELLER, Alex (NVIDIA), VIITANEN, Timo (NVIDIA), BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin (SEED), SCHIED, Christoph (Facebook) and McGUIRE, Morgan (NVIDIA). Are We Done With Ray Tracing? SIGGRAPH 2019, Courses. link.
  • LE, Binh Huy and LEWIS, JP. Direct Delta Mush Skinning and Variants, ACM Trans. Graph. 38, 4, Article 113 (July 2019). SIGGRAPH 2019, preprint.


  • DEL VAL SANTOS, Jorge. Towards Deep Generative Models in Game Development, GDC, slides.
  • WIHLIDAL, Graham. Halcyon: Rapid Innovation Using Modern Graphics, Reboot Develop Blue, (PPTX, PDF, YouTube). 

Papers & Articles

  • AKENINE-MOLLER, Tomas (NVIDIA). NILSSON, Jim (NVIDIA). ANDERSSON, Magnus (NVIDIA). BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin (SEED). TOTH, Robert (NVIDIA) and KARRAS, Tero (NVIDIA). Texture Level-of-Detail Strategies for Real-Time Ray Tracing, Chapter 20 in Ray Tracing Gems, edited by Eric Haines and Tomas Akenine-Möller, Apress, 2019. License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC-ND), chapter.
  • BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin. HALÉN, Henrik, WIHLIDAL, Graham. LAURITZEN, Andrew. BEKKERS, Jasper. STACHOWIAK, Tomasz and ANDERSSON, Johan. Hybrid Rendering for Real-Time Ray Tracing, Chapter 25 in Ray Tracing Gems, edited by Eric Haines and Tomas Akenine-Möller, Apress, 2019. License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC-ND), chapter.
  • LE, Binh Huy. HALÉN, Henrik. GONZALEZ-OCHOA, Carlos and LEWIS, JP. High-Quality Object-Space Dynamic Ambient Occlusion for Characters using Bi-level Regression, I3D 2019, paper.



  • ANDERSSON, Johan and BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin. DirectX: Evolving Microsoft's Graphics Platform, GDC, slides.
  • ANDERSSON, Johan and BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin. Shiny Pixels and Beyond: Real-Time Raytracing at SEED, GDC, slidesvideo.
  • BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin. Game Ray Tracing: State-of-the-Art and Open Problems, Keynote, HPG, slides.
  • BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin. HALÉN, Henrik. PICA PICA & NVIDIA TuringReal-Time Ray Tracing sponsored session, SIGGRAPH, slides.
  • HARMER, Jack. Imitation Learning with Concurrent Actions in 3D GamesCIG.
  • LEWIS, JP. Open Problems in Character Animation for Games and VFX, SCA.
  • LEWIS, JP. Constructing Artificial Characters - Traditional versus Deep Learning Approaches, FMX.
  • LEWIS, JP. Keynote, SSBA.
  • NORDIN, Magnus. Deep Learning: Beyond the Hype, GDC.
  • NORDIN, Magnus. Deep Reinforcement Learning for 3D Multiplayer Games, GTC.
  • OPARA, Anastasia. Creativity of Rules and Patterns: Designing Procedural Systems, GDC, slides & video.
  • OPARA, Anastasia. Exploring The Collaboration Between Proceduralism & Deep Learning, EP, slides & video.
  • OPARA, Anastasia. Functional Symbiosis of Art Direction and Proceduralism, CEDEC, slides.
  • STACHOWIAK, Tomasz. Stochastic All The Things: Raytracing in Hybrid Real-Time Rendering, DD, slides & video.
  • STACHOWIAK, Tomasz. Towards Effortless Photorealism Through Real-Time RaytracingCEDEC, slides.
  • WIHLIDAL, Graham and LAURITZEN, Andrew. Vulkan Advisory Panel: Bringing up Frostbite on Vulkan, GDC.
  • WIHLIDAL, Graham. Halcyon Architecture: Director's Cut, slides (PPTX, PDF, Notes)
  • WIHLIDAL, Graham. Halcyon + Vulkan, Khronos Munich, slides.
  • WIHLIDAL, Graham and BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin. Keynote: Modern Graphics Abstractions & Real-Time Ray Tracing, SYYSGRAPH and Aalto University, slides.
  • WYMAN, Chris (NVIDIA). SHIRLEY, Peter (NVIDIA). HARGREAVES, Shawn (Microsoft) and BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin (SEED). Introduction to DirectX Raytracing, SIGGRAPH, slides.

Papers & Articles

  • DEAN, Christopher (Victoria University of Wellington), LEWIS, J.P. (SEED) and CHALMERS, Andrew (Victoria University of Wellington), A Magic Wand for Motion Capture Editing and Edit Propagation, SIGGRAPH Asia, Technical Brief.
  • HARMER, Jack. GISSLÉN, Linus. DEL VAL, Jorge. HOLST, Henrik. BERGDAHL, Joakim. OLSSON, Tom. SJÖÖ, Kristoffer. NORDIN, Magnus. Imitation Learning with Concurrent Actions in 3D GamesCIG, paper.
  • LAMARRE, Mathieu, LEWIS, J.P. and DANVOYE, Étienne. Face Stabilization by Mode Pursuit for Avatar Construction, Image Vision Computing, paper.
  • ROBERTS, Richard (Victoria University of Wellington), LEWIS, J.P. (SEED), ANJYO, Ken (OLM Digital and CMIC), SEO, Jaewoo (Pinscreen), and SEOL, Yeongho (Weta Digital), Optimal and Interactive Keyframe Selection for Motion Capture, SIGGRAPH Asia, Technical Brief.
  • TEYE, Mattias (SEED). AZIZPOUR, Hossein (KTH). SMITH, Kevin (KTH). Bayesian Uncertainty Estimation for Batch Normalized Deep Networks, ICML, paper.



  • BARRÉ-BRISEBOIS, Colin. A Certain Slant of Light: Past, Present and Future Challenges of Global Illumination in Games, SIGGRAPH, slides.
  • LAURITZEN, Andrew. Future Directions for Compute-for-Graphics, SIGGRAPH, slides.
  • NORDIN, Magnus. Deep Learning and Games, STHLM Tech Fest.
  • NORDIN, Magnus. Deep Learning for Game Development, AI Frontiers.
  • NORDIN, Magnus. Deep Learning for Interactive Entertainment, Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences.
  • NORDIN, Magnus. How Deep Learning will Change Game Development, Game AI North.
  • NORDIN, Magnus. Machine Learning for Game Development, ICML.
  • WIHLIDAL, Graham. 4K Checkerboard in Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect Andromeda, GDC, slides.

Papers & Articles

  • BALDUZZI, David (Victoria University of Wellington). FREAN, Marcus (Victoria University of Wellington). LEARY, Lenox (Victoria University of Wellington). LEWIS, JP (SEED). WAN-DUO MA, Kurt and McWILLIAMS, Brian (Disney Research). The Shattered Gradients Problem: If resnets are the answer, then what is the question?, ICML, Best Paper Award, ICML PADLpaper.
  • BLANCO i RIBERA, Roger (KAIST). ZELL, Eduard (Bielfeld University), LEWIS, J.P. (SEED). NOH, Junyong (KAIST) and BOTSCH, Mario (Bielefeld University). Facial Retargeting with Automatic Range of Motion Alignment, SIGGRAPH, paper.
  • DEAN, Chris (Victoria University of Wellington) and LEWIS, J.P. (SEED). Non-local Pose Means for Denoising Motion Capture Data, Image Vision Computing, paper.
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