Creativity of Rules and Patterns: Designing Procedural Systems

GDC 2018 Presentation Slides

Human mechanisms of representing the surrounding world in a form of ‘language’ is an outstanding ability that enables us to store the information as internal compact abstractions. Proceduralism is also a form of language, where we view the world through rules, dependencies and patterns. And though rules are often perceived as something rigid, their engineering is a fluid and creative task, where analyzing our own thought framework often fuels the design process.

In this presentation, first given at GDC 2018, SEED’s Anastasia Opara discusses procedural systems and how to think about mathematics in a creative fashion.

Click here to view the slides directly on SlideShare.

You can also download the presentation:

For more information, videos and screenshots from Project PICA PICA, please check out our article here!


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