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Introduction to DirectX Raytracing


As part of the Introduction to DirectX Raytracing (DXR) course at SIGGRAPH 2018, Colin Barré-Brisebois presented how SEED handled the transition from raster & compute to real-time raytracing using DXR. This includes a summary of easy-to-implement techniques, how we embraced spatiotemporal reconstruction and denoising, as well as practical tip-and-tricks to tackle the various challenges one might face when developing a hybrid rendering pipeline.

This course was hosted by Chris Wyman of NVIDIA. It also featured Peter Shirley, also from NVIDIA, as well as Shawn Hargreaves from Microsoft.

Course Synopsis:
This course is an introduction to Microsoft's DirectX Raytracing API suitable for students, faculty, rendering engineers, and industry researchers. The first half focuses on ray tracing basics and incremental, open-source shader tutorials accessible for novices. The second half covers API specifics for developers integrating ray tracing into existing raster-based applications.

Additional content from the course is available here.

Click here to view the slides directly on SlideShare.

You can also download the presentation:


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